Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Latest Knitting WIP and Finishes

 With the temperatures getting chillier, the knitting bug has caught me once again. I really enjoy knitting but enjoy it even *more* when it is chilly out. Recently, I have been knitting a lot on my circular I am sure you can guess what I have been making lots of....hats! ;)

My aunt has greyhound dogs. I found a free pattern online (on Ravelry) for a cute hat/hood for greyhounds and decided to give it a try. I am happy with how it turned out!

My Ruthie-girl is part terrier, part sheltie so her neck is bigger than her head (she can't even wear a just slides off her head if we try). She was less-than-thrilled to be my model but I made her do it anyway! ;)

My only regret is that I used gray yarn instead of something more vibrant and exciting. My aunt is an eclectic, colorful woman and I think she would have much-preferred something brighter...but I didn't think that through well until after I was already a good way through knitting it. I am not sure that I will knit another as it, although not difficult really, was a bit tricky in some parts and I have other things to get done in time for Christmas.

My aunt lives a few hours away from me and she *should* be receiving the package today (it was a surprise)! I hope she likes it and that it works for her pups! :)

 I also knit, as a gift for my nephew's upcoming birthday, my first-ever deer hat! I found the pattern in this fun new book I got.

A couple of the books I have been using for fun patterns...

A friend of mine, after having three daughters, is due to have her first son soon! I whipped up this fun hat for her soon little arrival!

I am in the middle of knitting up a baby hat which I, at first, intended to make for my sister's baby due at the end of November...but then I realized the colors are more girly...and I think she is having a boy (although my guesses are usually wrong) so we'll just see. Maybe I'll make a newborn baby boy hat so I have one or the other for the big day! :)

So those are a few of the projects I have been working on. With Autumn settling in, are you finding yourself keeping busy with creating/crafting/making? What projects are you working on? I would love to hear about them! :) Keep crafting on, friends!



  1. You have been a busy knitter, Katy! You do such beautiful work. And I loved your model...even if he was less than thrilled to do it. What a cutie!

  2. I have a couple of different baby hats that I have for "emergency" gifts.. :) none of which are knitted though. so cute! my doggy would love one of these hats! Thanks for sharing you projects. Have a great fall day!

  3. I'm knitting a hat right now.

  4. What lovely hats you've made Katy! I'm nearly finished crocheting a pair of socks for myself, and I'm hoping to make Bear hats for my friends two baby boys for Christmas. Hope you are having a nice Fall (or Autumn as we call it here!) Bea.

  5. Hello Katy, I wish I could get the hang of knitting! But, the hat on the doggie was so cute, it made me smile...
    Thinking of you! Roxy

  6. Funny dog, that hat makes him so special. But he looks a little shy with it. The other hats are very nice. Especially those with horns. I bought wool and am planning a to knit a scarf in wave pattern. Also, I plan to knit small kittens. And owls of course! So many plans ....
    What a nice, nice blog you have.
    Greetings from a mother of six from the Netherlands


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