Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Latest Project: Fencing & a New Door

My amazing husband was at it again. This time, we needed to replace the old chicken wire on our run as well as replace the door. It had all fallen apart over the years and needed a good renovation!

Jaxson was there in all his sword-fighting glory...

Are you prepared for this? It's kinda yucky....look what we found stuck in the chicken wire on the back end of the chicken run...

It's a chipmunk that seems to have gotten stuck in the wire and died there. It was very strange to see!

The hens didn't seem to know what to think of all this!

Instead of putting chicken wire back up...we used this sturdier fencing...

We had to cut the fencing in half (long ways) and put another layer around the posts so that it is high enough. Just one layer wasn't quite high enough!

Chris and Xavier made this fantastic new door for the run (you can see the old-falling-apart door in the background)...

Jaxson helped to stain the door...

After letting the door dry a couple days...it was finally time to put it up!

Chris made a "doggie-door"...or in this case, a "chicken-door" for when we let the girls free range in the evening. That way they can go in and out without having to prop the larger door open...

This is how it stays up...

The girls seem to get the gist of it...

Happy Girls...

My husband has done such an incredible job with all this. I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with how things are coming. I can tend to get impatient with things around here sometimes...(sad, but true)...we work on things when money and time allows. Progress happens slowly....sometimes VERY slowly (due to lack of time and money). I always try to keep the right perspective and always be content...but I will admit the impatience monster does come out. It is something I really struggle with and continually try to pray through and do better with. 

When home projects *are* getting accomplished, it is such a spirit-lifter! :) I know Chris feels so good getting things done too! The children are great helpers and it is so nice to work together at things as a family! :)

What have you (and your family) been working on lately??



  1. I love to see home projects completed! The new run looks great. Recently we made repairs and re-painted them. They are back up and look wonderful. There have also been flowers planted and new mulch put down. It makes me so happy!

  2. good idea about the "chicken/doggie" door! looks good!

  3. My husband just made chicken feeders and waterers for our coop and for the dog run we have our chicks in. They are working great! Skilled husbands are fantastic aren't they?


  4. Katy I know just what you mean for us its when we have the time to do things we don't have the mo, en when we have the money no time it's sad! Roger got layed off on April 29th so no money coming in and so that means no extra work around our home. We are still working on our new addition only because it is about 3/4 done. Have a great week my friend. Blessings joann

  5. Katy,
    Your husband did a wonderful job! My hubby has just finished a new coop for our older laying hens and rooster. Now he is working on another coop for our ducks and young hens. It's a work in progress, for sure! I love your log flower holder! So rustic and beautiful!
    Blessings! Jamie

  6. The chipmunk is strange indeed, and sad too, poor thing. Your husband did a wonderful job on the chicken area, and I LOVE the new door :)

    Hope you're having a beautiful Thursday,


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