Thursday, May 8, 2014

Homemaking Goodness

“The woman who makes a sweet, beautiful home,

 filling it with love and prayer and purity,

 is doing something better than anything else her hands 

could find to do beneath the skies.” 

~ J.R. Miller, Homemaking 

Folding clothes is a regular occurrence here...I try to do a load or two of laundry per day so I can keep up with it and not get overwhelmed. Some women prefer to do it all on one day and that works for them! For me, I do a little each day...that way I don't dread doing it. :) Sometimes, I will fold and listen/watch a sermon on the computer. while folding this particular day, I was listening to a video of Dr. James White. There is nothing better than soaking in wisdom and knowledge from a brother in Christ while doing housework that cares for my family. That is definitely the definition of multi-tasking! 

My children each have their own basket at the bottom of the stairs. (We used to have different ones but those wore out over the years). Each child (as part of their chores) is required to carry their clean/folded clothes upstairs and put them neatly away. Then, as I fold, I refill them. It works nicely...

Some knitting finishes lately...

This dishcloth (below) had an oopsie in it and I didn't have the patience to fix it so I just bound off early and figured this would be a *small* dishcloth!

Always keeping track of my daily agenda (I *really* don't know how people can function without a planner!)...

Our schooling is almost finished up for the year!!! Not too many days left! The children (and this  mama) are quite excited about the break!

Today, my sister had an appointment and asked if we would journey over to her house to watch the girls for her while she went. We happily agreed! Xavier (Daddy's shadow) went to work with Chris today and Madelyn, Jaxson and I made the trip to my sister's...

Madelyn read to Dinah (above) while Jaxson and Eloise played...

“God...made childhood joyous, full of life, bubbling over with laughter, playful, bright and sunny. We should put into their childhood days just as much sunshine and gladness, just as much cheerful pleasure as possible. 

Pour in the sunshine about them in youth. Let them be happy, encourage all innocent joy, provide pleasant games for them, romp and play with them; be a child again among them. Then God's blessing will come upon your home, and your children will grow up sunny-hearted, gentle, affectionate, joyous themselves and joy-bearers to the world.” 

~J.R. Miller

I am writing, deleting and re-writing a post...I have a lot on my heart lately. I have a passion for biblical be a godly wife and mother. I want to encourage other Christian women to embrace their roles and live a life pleasing to God. I am praying that my words are written with love, gentleness, encouragement and wisdom. I hope to post that one day soon! 

I hope your day is going's 80* here in Western PA! Can you believe that? It's quite a shocker after all this colder weather..but we'll take it! :) Thanks for stopping! 


“The all-victorious Christ is like a great rock in a weary land, to whose shelter we may flee in every time of sorrow or trial, finding quiet refuge and peace in him.” 
~ J.R. Miller


  1. you are very very encouraging! I thank you for writing. I am a stay at home wife (with no kids yet) and I find your blog soothing and very inspirational. I can see you love God with all your heart.

  2. What a beautiful post! I love all the quotes and want to remember them forever. :) You are such an encouragement to me...even though I'm older and should be wiser. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love the last picture... I think little piggies are adorable! We have been enjoying the 80's also. I am so grateful for sunshine and warm air!

  4. God Bless You Just Wanting You To Know That I So Much Enjoy ReadingYour Inspirational Posts. You Are Truly Blessed With Such A Loving Family. May God Bless Your Family Richly :)


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