Monday, May 19, 2014

Happenings: In Pictures

Just a quick, simple post before I head off to bed. It's been a long day but I wanted to quickly share some photos of what has been happening here lately!

A usual sight while the boys are in and out, playing (shoes, swords, capes)...

 The weather has been quite perfect for hanging out my laundry...

Ice water tastes so much better when it is drank from a jar as cute as this one...

Daddy and Jaxson, sword-fighting one evening...

Ruthie was quite amused by it all...can't you tell? ;)

Flowers are growin'...

Some of the hens, dusting themselves and soaking in some sunshine...

Supper the other night (sausage gravy and homemade biscuits....yum...but I didn't eat it. The rest of my family did)...

This is a picture my friend made for me and gave me! I love it! Now I just need a frame...

More has been happening in our neck of the woods...but that will have to wait for another post. I also have a post ready about putting together a homeschool portfolio ~ just giving you an idea of what we put in ours! 
Today has been a super busy day and I am exhausted. It's after 9 and I haven't eaten supper I am off to eat and then head to bed! So glad you had time to stop by today! Hope your tomorrow is quite enjoyable! :)


  1. Beautiful picture katy. Love all the stuff by the door I kind of miss things like that from when my kids were young. Still hoping you to do a post on menu making and grocery shopping but I will be patient :) blessings joann

  2. I always love seeing the front door of our kids next door, swords, play guns and shoes galore! Happy summer yet to come!
    Sola Scripture alone and forever Amen!
    Loved the glass drinking jar! I got 25 new baby chicks today, just for eggs no fryers. Sweet Dreams

  3. Loved the photo of the hens. We really enjoy ours and their quirky personalities.

    We had our evaluations last Friday, and I am now working on their objectives for next year. Then we'll get our affidavit notarized and turn everything in for this past year and to be ready for next year! Mine will be in 10th, 7th and 4th grade and I am teaching my granddaughter Pre-K. Fun times!


  4. Over the years I have enjoyed your blog. The love you have for your home and family comes through with every post. You always make me smile.


  5. wonderful photos!


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