Monday, March 3, 2014

He is loved...

Tuesday is Chris's birthday. He has something at the church that night and the children have their music lessons (piano, banjo and guitar). Since we couldn't celebrate him tomorrow...we decided to do it tonight! We had just a small family party with supper and presents.

The napkins you see above were a fantastic clearance find (usually we use cloth napkins here). They were from on clearance because they were for Christmas. So, I decided to cross out the TMAS...and then the napkins said *just* what I wanted them to! Chris *does* make me happy, happy, happy! :)

Madelyn played "Happy Birthday" on the piano while the boys and I sang. Her playing was lovely....our singing, not so much.

Jaxson enjoyed his supper!

Chris opened his gifts...

I love X's face...

Kisses for daddy...

He is loved. 


  1. Happy Birthday Chris!
    God bless you and your family too!
    And many moooorrrreeee!

  2. Happy birthday!! So much love in your family. It's beautiful!

  3. I think simple celebrations are the best... Happy Birthday, Chris!

  4. Happy Birthday, Chris! Have a blessed upcoming year!

  5. Dear Katy, A man that is loved and honored is a man well loved! We are blessed to be woman that God gave us Men that choose to love their wives and children.
    Happy Birthday to YOUR Hubby.
    Always, Roxy

  6. LOVE you creativity with the napkins. Happy belated b-day to your hubby.


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