Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Tree-sized Limb

Earlier this past week, I was up in the early hours of the morning, as usual. I heard a loud crash outside and was all a-flutter as my heart started beating harder, thinking something had crashed onto our house. It was dark outside and I was *not* going out there without my husband! I ran upstairs to wake him up and together, flashlight in hand, we carefully went outside ~ inspecting it all to see what the crash was. 

Low and behold, we could see the power lines were all goofed up and as we got closer, we saw (what looked like) a tree laying on the lines (later we found out that it was just a limb and not a tree...but that is one super-big limb!)...

Chris called 911 to alert the local authorities/firemen of the situation. The road was blocked and lines were bothered. Later in the morning firemen and tree-cutters came to take care of it all...

Amazingly enough, we did not lose power, phone, internet or anything at all the whole time! 

You can see in this picture, below, the limb laying directly on all the lines...

It was definitely some excitement for us that day! I am just praising God that no one was injured by the limb when it fell and that no serious damage came out of it! :) 

Here is just a few photos from around the house lately...

Using my homemade sauce (canned and kept in the basement) for supper one evening...

The children *loved* playing board games with Daddy one evening (often, Chris is busy in the this time to play together is treasured. They also played cops and robbers this past Sunday evening. They all had so much fun...they made teams and rules and probably ran miles when all was said and done! They were all full of laughter ~ making my heart glad.)...

This week has already been busy, busy. Between schooling, appointments, housework, and other responsibilities we have been going, going, going! (Ok, not really....much of the time was spent at home...but *while* home we are staying busy too!) I plan on heading to bed early tonight. Xavier is just getting home from his banjo lesson and everyone will be heading to bed shortly. I pray your week is going well! Thanks for visiting!



  1. Its a good thing that limb did not land on anyone!
    Your family is precious!

  2. Oh I am laughing. We just lost a 125 ft. plus California Foothill Pine in front of our house! I thought my pot growing neighbors behind my 42 acres had gone over the edge with an assault weapon. The sound is , as you know , unbelievable! This all happened about an hour ago.

  3. Thankful no one was hurt, and all has been resolved. Best now and not in the middle of freezing winter! blessings on the coming weekend!

  4. Hello Katy, We have so few trees out in the prairie. But we have been planting for over seventeen years so we know have shade :)
    Your sauce looks yummy!
    Thinking of you today!
    I have been asked to speak at a homeschool Lunch and Tea for a group of lovely ladies today, so excited! Bessings to you Katy!


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