Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boy Oh Boy!

These boys of mine. Oh how they make my life interesting. They always keep me on my toes...I never know what to expect. And although at times it can be exhausting (mentally, physically and emotionally....even near tears at some moments)...I wouldn't trade it (occasional times of peace and quiet are a necessity though!).

After schooling yesterday Madelyn and Xavier went with my mom to my dad's garage. Madelyn helped my mom with some things and X got busy building. When he got home...this is what he had built *all on his own*...

It is a catapult! It's fantastic! He had built one with the men leaders and other boys in his Defenders of the Faith class during one of our homeschool co-op class days. Pretty neat, huh? Schooling does *not* end when we close the books!

Today, the sun is shining...we are getting through schoolwork (slowly but surely). I have been doing a lot of cleaning/organizing and purging. I have loads to take to the thrift store...after already taking a load there a week or two ago! It's amazing how much you have and realize you really don't *need*! ;) 
I also have laundry out on the lines and have more to hang out. I am so thankful for these sun-filled days. Even though it is bitterly cold outside, the sun helps and makes the house cheery. Lunch is coming up and is cooking on the stove...then the afternoon will be spent finishing schoolwork, cleaning, playing and doing odds and ends. 

Hope your day is not only sun-filled but also Son-filled. So thankful for Him...as I just could not make it through the difficult days without Him. :) 



  1. We are having a sun/Son filled day as well!:) Praising Him!! Blessings!

  2. Hello Katy, The little lad is a carpenter! I think he did a marvelous job!
    We just finished painting our bathroom, it looks so nice and clean. It was such hard work, I need a few days to recover :)
    My three grandsons keep me on my toes also!
    Blessings, Roxy


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