Saturday, October 12, 2013

Supper at Grammie's House

Last week, the children and I went to my mom's for supper. Her and I were moving some things down from my Great-Aunt's attic (who lives beside my mom) and then we all sat down for supper. (Chris was spending the evening after work hunting).

Jaxson was helping me get a fire going...

Xavier was over mowing Aunt Jo's yard (see him back there?)...

My silly girl...

Tree-climbing and fun...

Jaxson helping cook the chicken (that house in the background belongs to my parents' neighbors)...

After supper, the children enjoyed roasting some marshmallows...

My sister and her littles came over to visit the other day (my mom, grammie and cousin all came too!). We had a nice time at our home visiting with everyone! Unfortunately...I only took two pictures. They both have that sweetie, Dinah, in them and I didn't even get one of Eloise!

Did I tell you she's walking? Yep...she is! All over the place! So you don't have to take time to do the math...she's only 9 months old! Eek! El was young when she started walking too! They like to keep their parents busy! ;)

We always love spending time with family. Don't you? Hope your weekend is full of friends, family and cozy moments! :)


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  1. Love your laid back country life:) A Little different than mine:)


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