Monday, October 14, 2013

The Piano

I have wanted a piano for some time but didn't think it would be possible to fit on in our home. My mom found one for us, though, that would work and for a great price! Madelyn has been terribly antsy to get a piano...she longs to learn to play more and I look forward to listening as she does!

Madelyn and I cleared a spot for the piano as good friends helped Chris pick it up this evening. The piano was very heavy and needed 4 guys to move it! I'm so thankful for the help our friends gave! We couldn't have gotten here without them!

The guys moved it off the truck (my dad's tiltbed) and began bringing it to the house...

 Chris and his brother bringing up the front and then two other good friends of ours bringing up the back...

It turns out that the piano cannot be placed where we cleared a spot (much to my disappointment) would cover up our heater vent and we *need* that vent through the winter. So, it was decided that my desk would have to move from it's *perfect spot* in the dining room over to where the piano was originally intended to go...

I am not 100% sold on the desk being here...I may move it to the wall where the star is (and then have to move the star....although I really like it there too)....ahhh...decisions, decisions!

The piano then took my desk's old spot...

I am quite bummed that my desk couldn't stay where it was, as I really (really) liked it there...but at the same time, having a piano in the house is such a gift and I am just thankful we have a place for it to fit and be put to good use. it is officially...

Our New Piano

Edited to add: 

So, I decided to move the desk a bit again too....I *think* I like this better...I will have to see if it grows on me or not! ;)

We'll see...
That's the fun about get to make decisions and then change them if you want to! :) 


  1. Beautiful piano and I know you will find the perfect place for your desk. I am on the look out for a nice little china cabinet for our kitchen. We got a new table the weekend and the hutch we have in there just doesn't work with the table we need something a bit smaller. Can't wait to hear were you put your desk.

  2. Ohhhh, a real piano... nice! Megan is in her second year of piano lessons. We don't have room for a piano and have a keyboard that we pull out each evening for practice. A piano would be much less of a pain.

    I like the desk under the star. That way the window isn't blocked. I love natural light. Enjoy your piano!

  3. I actually really LIKE the desk on the wall it is on now. You have natural light coming in from the window, too. I am so glad you got the piano. Your family will love it- xo Diana

  4. Your desk looks wonderful against the wall and the star above brings it altogether. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord .. I'm sure that piano will! :-)

  5. Joyce in Lee's Summit, MOOctober 15, 2013 at 12:02 AM

    I second Wendi's opinion on the desk location. I think it looks better under the star as well and not blocking the window. I can share in your daughter's enthusiasm about the new piano. When I was about 13 years old (almost 47 years ago), I remember when my parents came home one day with a surprise for us kids. It was an old upright second-hand piano they had been able to buy so that we could take lessons. That piano provided many hours of fun and music. I'm so glad you were able to find one for your home as well. I always enjoy your postings.

  6. Hello Katy, Your Blog music put my grandson to sleep! He is spending the night with me:)
    What a wonderful gift to have a piano! I wish I could play one!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings, Roxy

  7. What a great addition to the home! I will keep an eye out for Madelyn's piano talents on your play list on this site.


  8. Congratulations on the piano Katy! I love the desk set up, it looks really pretty where you moved it to and if you are at all like me you will end up loving it being near the table because of the extra room to spread out all your stuff when planning. I want to learn piano so someday I may have one too. God bless, what a wonderful blessing. :-)

  9. I agree i like the desk where it is now, lovely piano music in the home, how wonderful, best wishes.

  10. Oh, having a piano is such a gift! I play, and have been trying to carve out more time for it lately. Just a little hint--pianos should not be placed over vents or windows because the drafts will cause it to loose tune more quickly. So you made a great placing decision for more then one reason! :)

  11. I love your home, so country and comfy!


  12. Katy,

    I think the piano in the corner and the latest placement of your desk looks really good! So excited for you to have the piano! Got to say, it looks just like ours (1965 Baldwin) - - oldie but a goodie. (; We've really enjoyed ours and purchased it (from neighbors across the street) for our children to learn to play when they were about the same age as yours. Occasionally our daughter will still play for us. I would like to learn to play a bit as well. Do you play the piano Katy?



  13. I like the desk where it ended up at the end!! And the star looks good above it too! What a beautiful kids want one so day...

  14. I'm happy for you!
    May God bless your fingers and those of any in your family who will be learning to play. May he give anointing for worship!

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  15. Your piano and desk look perfect where you have them. I have to tell you when reading I was thinking the desk would look good over with the star on the wall and you could glance out the window. Well I then saw the update pic. I almost decided to sell my piano after moving it to another room. I had it moved back into the room it was in but another spot. Sigh of relief I didn't sell it but wondered why I never thought to put it in the new spot before. I have not been keeping up with reading since the death of my son. Your home e is as cozy as always. Wishing your family lots of lovely music filling your home.

  16. Finally reading this post!! I like the desk where you have it... And honestly, sitting in the corner seems a little more cozy than the other spot where you were right by the kitchen!

  17. I like the new arrangement. The desk looks great on the star wall. Congratulations on your new piano. You will enjoy it for a long time to come and your children will get so much from learning to play on it.


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