Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Newest Pet?

....If Jaxson had his way, this new little toad the kids found, would join the family! He wanted to keep him forever and for always! ;)

I love the excitement the kids get (...ok, and me, too!) when they find a toad! Itty bitty little ones or big ole' fat doesn't matter. If it hops, we love it! Lucky for this little guy...I convinced the kids that he needed to live outdoors in the garden. So they let him out in the garden and were quite dissapointed he wasn't still there the next day! ;) Luckily, I am sure we will find many more of these lil guys through the years (each time, having to convince the kids how much toads like to live OUTside! ;)

And just because I caught this picture one day and it made me smile......

I wish the kids would find a random duckling waddling around through the yard. We would definitely keep a duck as a pet!!! (Although, it would live the toad!) Unfortunately, I think the chances of a wayward duckling travelling through our yard looking for family are slim to none....but *just in case* we'll keep our eyes out! ;)


  1. Heehee..yes a duck would be so much nicer than a slimy toad! Boys will be boys though lol.

    Gemma X

  2. that was a pretty BIG toad! i love the little mini ones that are no bigger than my thumb nail!

  3. I get excited about toads too and turtles. To tell the truth alot of little thinks! A picture is worth a thousand words. He is such a proud toad lover. Little things in life are the best memories. If only I could just drop by and leave the kids (and you too!)a duckling. In a few days they will be hatching.

  4. You need to bring the family over here =D Everywhere I step out in the yard at the moment I'm dodging baby toads of varying sizes lol

    And Nen's right;... that was a BIG ONE! LOL

    If only you lived closer. You would come home to find THREE ducklings had wandered? into your yard in a cardboard box. heeheehaahaahoohoo

  6. reminds of by-gone days at our house.

  7. your kids are so adorable..but i must admit, the toad, not so much..eeeeek!


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