Monday, October 19, 2009

As the days get shorter......

"Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."
~Elizabeth Lawrence

Thankfully...the little bit of snow we got last week has melted! I don't mind some snow...but not in October. I like to savor every ounce of autumn that I possibly can before it turns into winter! The trees are absolutely gorgeous. Colors and beauty everywhere. It is definitely my favorite time of the year! The beautiful blanket of leaves that covers the ground glistens in the sun on days like today! Blue skies, gorgeous trees, and a crispness in the air~a perfect fall day!

Although at first I said "no" out of concern for their safety...I looked out and saw the children rolling wood out of the back of Chris's truck this afternoon. They were *helping* daddy. :) Those logs can be quite heavy...but they worked together and rolled them all off into a pile. They were really *loving* being able to I let them do it. When Chris got home he thanked them for doing such a great job and being such good helpers! :)

After schooling was done for the day...the kids had fun playing outside. I hope we have lots more of these type of days many as possible till the snow sets in! I even got the chance to hang clothes out!! :) *Previous days have been too damp, wet and rainy!*

For supper, I put a ham in the oven. While it settled in to cook for a few hours...I made some homemade french bread dinner rolls. You can find the recipe for them HERE. *I didn't brush the egg on them to make them crustier and shiny...I forgot! ;)* They are delicious. This is the second time I made them. :)
I thought it would be nice to invite my parents over for supper as well....and they accepted! We had ham, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli with cauliflower, homemade rolls and homemade jam. I think everyone enjoyed it and we all had a nice time visiting! :) I love having people over for supper!

I am almost through reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis and I am enjoying it! :) The next book I plan on reading is called "The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman" by Anne Ortlund..which I found on Jewels' blog and thought it sounded like a good read! :) When housework is caught up and schooling is done and while the kids are playing...I have been working on knitting some items for a friend who is due to have her first sweet little one on December 21st! :)

Well, I should finish up here soon....I am ready to curl up under my quilts on my bed and open a book! The only bad thing is that when I read...I soon find myself tiring quickly and not always able to read quite as long as I would like. Do you have that trouble when you read?

**OH...and I will have to share with you soon about the new "clique" that has joined the "girls". My mom gave us three of her chickens and they keep to themselves. They don't associate with the other chickens in the coop. When out free-ranging in the afternoons and'll see the clique strutting around together...but always off on their own. Never with the other girls. I am not quite sure if it's because my "girls" won't accept them newbies...or if the "clique" just doesn't want to associate with the "girls"? I will probably never know for sure, I suppose! :) I will be sure to get pics sometime soon and introduce you to the *clique*! They are a different type of hen then the rest of the girls. :) I will be sure to hopefully share pics sometime in the near future!

Warm wishes for a wonderful rest of the week! :o)

"Come said the wind to
the leaves one day,
Come o're the meadows
and we will play.
Put on your dresses
scarlet and gold,
For summer is gone
and the days grow cold."
- A Children's Song of the 1880's


  1. Hello Katy,
    I went back onto Jewels blog from the last time you had mentioned her. Is she not blogging anymore? I really enjoyed her blog and learned so much from it. I would like to read more but it seems like she has stopped.

    Just was wondering if I missed something.



  2. This is the most beautiful time of year here in NW Pa! Your meal sounds yummy and those rolls too:)

  3. Katy~ Your trees are just beautiful. We don't get that here in our part of CA :(
    I went out and bought me a sketch pad today when I was at walmart picking up pictures. It isn't fancy or anything but just wanted to say thank you for all the info about yours.

  4. Thanks for sharing your day. Our trees haven't turned like that yet..must be so beautiful. So cute of the kids helping Daddy! :) Also, the meal sounded lovely and delicious..what time is supper? :) I enjoy reading your blog..we have a lot in common and enjoy some of the same things. I just wish I could knit. (don't think I can be still long enough. :(
    God Bless!

  5. Katy - I just love visiting your blog. It is so peaceful here. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day! I also found Jewel's blog - what a blessings that was!


  6. I just love your homey blog, Katy! I always feel better when I visit.

  7. Katy,
    I am glad that the kiddos are able to get outside. We are having some nice days this week (finally) and are trying to spend lots of time outside.

    Have a great day!

  8. My son loves to play with firewood and logs too. Makes him feel like he is "helping".

  9. Okay, I haven't been here in a while because I lost all my favorites almost a year ago! Yikes!
    Great to "find" you again!

    Your post was awesome - made me feel all fallish!! I am going to try that recipe for rolls today because the recipe I tried earlier this week was a bomb.

    And the book? Looks awesome. I am requesting it from my library as we speak!

  10. Send any left over rolls my way.


  11. I love Anne Ortlund, I'm reading Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman right now...very good read!

  12. Hi Katy,
    I have been trying to send you a note to your email but it is not going through for me. Is it possible to include in one of your posts? I really enjoy your blog and have been reading it for awhile. I have some questions for you about blogging. If you could let help me out that would be great. Have a blessed day!

  13. hello anon. :) You didn't leave your name..? :) I am happy to help you with any blogging questions you have. I'm sorry emailing me isn't working for you.

    Katy :)

  14. It's beautiful here today in Western Pa, isn't it?

    You're always baking bread, aren't you!?

    Katy - I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week that I think you'd be interested in. Come check it out if you'd like.

  15. Katy - Thanks for bringing it to my attention that my link to Karen's website wasn't working! It's fixed now!


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