Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunday's Coming!

"Are you tried by your sin? Jesus Christ rose again from the dead for your justification. Does Satan accuse? Jesus rose to be your advocate and intercessor. Do infirmities hinder? The living Christ will show himself strong on your behalf. You have a living Christ, and in him you have all things. Do you dread death? Jesus, in rising again, has vanquished the last enemy. He will come and meet you when it is your turn to pass through the chill stream, and you shall ford it in sweet company. What is your trouble? I care not what it is, for if you will only think of Jesus as living, full of power, full of love, and full of sympathy, having experienced all your trials, even unto death, you will have such a confidence in his tender care and in his boundless ability that you will follow in his footsteps without a question. Remember Jesus, and that he rose again from the dead, and your confidence will rise as on eagles’ wings."

~Charles Spurgeon
April 9th, 1882

Today is Good Friday. We pause to remember Christ's sacrifice and death as a propitiation, by His blood, for us on this day. It saddens the heart to think of Christ going through beating after beating...being spat upon, nailed to a cross in humiliation and suffering the torment of the Father turning away from Him....all because He bore the sins of His people. He died to save us...because we could not save ourselves. He was and is our only hope. He didn't just die and stay dead though! We rejoice because we know Sunday's coming! He lives! His body was destroyed and in three days, He raised Himself up! 

"Dear friends, the rising of Christ from the dead proved that this man was innocent of every sin. He could not be held by the bands of death, for there was no sin to make those bands fast. Corruption could not touch his pure body, for no original sin had defiled the Holy One. Death could not keep him a continual prisoner, because he had not actually come under sin; and though he took sin of ours, and bore it by imputation, and therefore died, yet he had no fault of his own, and must, therefore, be set free when his imputed load had been removed. Moreover, Christ’s rising from the dead proved his claim to Deity. We are told in another place that he was proved to be the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead. He raised himself by his own power, and though the Father and the Holy Spirit were cooperative with him, and hence his resurrection is ascribed to them, yet it was because the Father had given him to have life in himself, that therefore he arose from the dead. Oh, risen Savior, thy rising is the seal of thy work! We can have no doubt about thee now that thou hast left the tomb. Prophet of Nazareth, thou art indeed the Christ of God, for God has loosed the bands of death for thee! Son of David, thou art indeed the elect and precious One, for thou ever lives! Thy resurrection life has set the sign manual of heaven to all that thou hast said and done, and for this we bless and magnify thy name."

~ Charles Spurgeon

So as you spend time quietly meditating on the fact that this day remembers our Lord's death and burial....know that Sunday's coming and then we celebrate His glorious resurrection! Praise Him!!! What joy we can have in knowing Him...even through the trials and sufferings we face ~ He's alive and knowing this, believing this puts everything into perspective! What can this world offer that is better than knowing our Savior, our Creator, our All-in-All? I bask in the knowledge and pray for those who don't know Him... because His resurrection happened, ours will one day too! I hope you are able to rejoice with me!! :) 

We were afraid we may miss another Sunday of church this weekend coming up. Jaxson still has been trying to get past this cough (and overall run-down feeling). Madelyn has gotten it some too (as has my mom)....and frankly, it just seems as though it doesn't want to leave. We have been using cough medicine, essential oils and making them get a lot of rest. It seems that they are finally on the upswing of it all...but we'll see (I thought that before too...and then Jaxson plummeted to feeling lousy again Wednesday). Sleepy head...

After getting some rest, Jax was feeling much more energetic though and did some crafting...

Madelyn, piano-lover-extraordinaire, is always tinkling the ivories whenever she gets a chance...

Xavier has been around here too...keeping us on our toes (my crazy, tender-hearted boy). Unfortunately, I don't have pics of him this time around. Because he hasn't felt as under-the-weather as the other two, he has been able to help Pa down at the meat market and such. X loves to stay busy!

I am just loving all the sunshine pouring in the front room...

Ruthie is loving it too!

 Jaxson's lego figures...always in a pile somewhere. Most of these are Lord of the Rings figures (of course) and a few Star Wars...

I have been knitting in my free time (as well as reading...I plan on sharing my most recent reads with you soon!). I have been adding to my spring dishcloth pile (which I will use as gifts)...

I am also working on a ladybug dishcloth...

They are simple knits that I love whipping up. Simple knitting and purling. No fluff. Basic, easy, enjoyable. :) Sometimes I am up for a challenge when I am knitting...but these dish cloths are just fanastic for keeping your hands busy while watching a movie or visiting with your family while everyone is in the living room together! :) Madelyn has been knitting a bunch too...although she gave her dishcloths away before I could get pics! 

I'm not sure if you have had the chance...but if you have some time, you may enjoy my latest post on Simply Organized Homemaking. I talk about my favorite pens. They are just fantastic (and erasable too!). 

I pray your weekend is blessed...and focused on Christ. Thanks for visiting me here today!


It's all about Jesus Christ being first....
and second and third and fourth and fifth.
 What I'm saying is, don't put Jesus first. 
 Jesus is everything. 
 He's not just first in the rank,
 He is everything. 
~Paul Washer

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