Friday, April 11, 2014

Re-Organizing in the Schoolroom

I got a new bookshelf, inexpensively, for the schoolroom. That meant it was time to take all the books from one of our old bookshelves. Oh my... it was quite a tedious task. Books were stacked on the dining room table, chairs and floor! When you are a homeschooling family it makes it especially hard to get rid of any books...we might *need* them one day to learn something new!!! ;)

 It took some time and muscle...but here is the shelf, all set up and, dare I say, pretty? The sight of books lined up on bookshelves makes me that strange? One day, when we finish the addition on our house, I want to make what is now the living room into a little library...with bookshelves covering some of the walls...from floor to ceiling (9ft!)...

Our BIL gave us an old bookshelf too (how can one turn down a free bookshelf...even if it is ugly?). I made good use of it too...lining it with binders, dictionaries, and planners...

My husband loves magazines and I have gone through (what seems like) millions of them. I like saving some (he wants to save them all...but there just isn't the room). I like having magazines together with like magazines. These are a couple of my favorites (Don't worry....I did save many of Chris's magazines...and there are still many to go through!)....

The last couple days have been warmer here...still chilly but absolutely glorious in the sunshine. It really motivates me to clean, tidy and re-organize things. It's a great feeling to give some much-needed attention to certain tasks around the home! Right now, although it's a little cold as the sun is not shining directly in my house, I have the front door and windows open letting the breeze in. It's wonderful I tell you! :) Pearl (the goat) and our chickens are really enjoying it too....but I'll share those photos another day! 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget...I'm selling some homeschooling curriculum on ebay! If you are interested in checking it out, you can do so HERE. Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Oh, books! We have so many! But they are really good ones! I'd love to have a 'library' at home! Won't that be fun for you!


  2. All those books, the arrangent on the shelves look wonderful. I like reorganizing things, and repurposing things as well. I've been reading your blog for, give or take six months and really enjoy it. I've wanted to ask, in some of your photos I've noticed red and white speckled enamelware dishes. Would you mind sharing where you bought them? They look so like some my grandparents from Vermont had on their farm.

  3. Mary ~ I was given the dishes as gifts! You can find them all over. Country stores carry them and probably places online. If you look up Spatterware Or just Enamelware, you will find them!!! :) Thank you for reading my blog!!!

    momof3girls ~ if you see this~ I am sooo sorry! I accidentally deleted your comment you left when I was moderating the comments! I accidentally clicked on delete rather than publish without paying attention! I *did* read it though and thank you so much for reading and writing to me!!!

  4. Katy,
    Are you still using the At A GLANCE undated school planner, or the CLE planner? I have been gleaming tons from your homeschool organization while we are on our break. We start up again May 26 and I hope to be more organized this year. I think that a good and simple planner would help me and I think I am better off just buying one ready made then trying to print up pages. Thanks for your help!

    Laura ( I used to have the Blessed Contentment blog, but I'm no longer blogging)

    1. Hello Laura! :)

      This year, I have been using the UrtheMom planner:

      It was expensive to purchase three of them (and it looks like the price of them actually went up unfortunately)...but I wanted a planner that didn't have the dates on them this time...just the marked each school day. Then I write the date beside it. That way, if we took a Wednesday off, I didn't have to change all of the work from that day to a different day.

      I like using these planners....but won't pay $30 a piece for one for this coming year. I will look for something else that lets me list school days rather than the date. :) If I find something good, I will blog about it!!! :)

      Have a great Thursday!


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