Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quiet Thoughts

My family really enjoyed the Lord of the Rings trilogy and also the first Hobbit movie. I preordered the second Hobbit movie so we would get it as soon as it came out! When it got here, cheers and shouts of glee could be heard within a mile of our home (the kids were even excited too...haha!). We popped up some popcorn and watched it....and enjoyed it! :)

After a long (and I mean long) winter, the temperature is now hitting 60's (and in the 70's this weekend!). The nights can still get chilly...and the mornings as well...but we'll take it! It is so wonderful to enjoy that sunshine! Those days of freezing temps were getting a bit much for us (and my poor Aunt Jo who now lives here in PA...she lived most of her life in Florida! These colder temps were not her favorite either!). With the sunshine comes the continual use of the clothesline (which makes my heart quite happy!).

We'll still be setting aside days through this warmer weather, though, to prepare for the next winter season...

Our hens have been laying wonderfully for us and have really been enjoying the weather too...

Pearl is loving it as well (although look at how the grass looks...blech. I am really looking forward for it to be green and grow so I can mow it! Remind me that I said that when it is 90* outside and I have to be out there push-mowing it! ha!)...

Xavier picked me a couple flowers from outside...the first few blooms we have had!

An older pic of Chris and me when we were dating. This was on his 21st birthday (I was 18). Little did we know that in 6 months from when this was taken, we would be getting married!!! Truly, I am a blessed woman...

Soft candlelight always makes me happy...

Do you see that? Our huge, quilted calendar says APRIL!!! Can you believe it is the middle of April? Although I felt like we would never get out of this past winter...I am still amazed at how fast time goes's shocking really. When I was younger, in school, I felt like the days, weeks, months and years went by so slowly. Now that I am grown, I feel like it's all passing by much too quickly!

In the schoolroom...

There's only a little over a day left on my homeschool curriculum that I am selling on ebay if anyone is interested (HERE). I have a lot of Christian Light Education workbooks/teacher guidebooks and also a few other things as well. I hope you will check it out! 

Jaxson and I stayed home from church today. Poor guy is coughing terribly. I have been rubbing essential oils on his chest and feet and also giving him cough syrup and pineapple. He is so run down but wishes he could be out playing and enjoying this beautiful weather. We watched a John Piper sermon and just enjoyed quiet together. 

Chris, Madelyn and Xavier all went to church and enjoyed the worship and fellowship of other believers. :) It's such a blessing (and important) to go to a church that is doctrinally sound and has good fellowship! 

I got a phone call just a little bit ago from an older gentleman that we used to attend church with. He and his wife had been married for decades and were such a sweet couple. She had a stroke and could no longer speak. He would go into the nursing home and sit with her and talk to her...and he would bring her to church. She would just love on people, smiling always...kissing their cheeks. It blessed me, truly. I had taken some time to make them cards....little notes of love and encouragement for them for a whole month. There was one card for every other day to open. I had them labeled with the dates they could be opened. It was just a small way for me to bring them some love and show them gratitude for the example they led through their marriage. It's absolutely beautiful to see a couple, together through it all.
 After some time, the man's wife passed away. He misses her terribly. He has daughters (who have children who have children) who care for him and help him. But oh how he misses his wife. It breaks my heart because I know that my heart would shatter if something happened to Chris. I think of and pray for him often. We don't attend the same church anymore so I don't see him much but he calls me every once in a while and thanks me, still (years later) for those cards. It's funny...he thanks me for blessing him....all the while, I am so grateful that he calls me to check in with me and it actually blesses *me*! You never know how the Lord can use you to show love to others. There is *so* much more I could be doing to bless others and this gentleman's phone calls of appreciation (after all this time) is always such a great reminder to me to take the time to do things for matter how insignificant they may seem. I am really going to pray on this and hope that the Lord uses me in some way. I simply must get out of my comfort zone....I battle some extreme anxiety about some things...but that will be for another time/another post. :)

Right now I plan on enjoying this evening with my family. I hope you can enjoy yours with the ones you love most too! So glad you could stop by and visit me here. 



  1. lovely sunshine!
    blessings on the journey!

  2. Beautiful post Katy ...touches my heart, as always!

  3. I love visiting your blog it always makes me smile:) have a great blessed week ahead. Blessings joann

  4. Beautiful and timely post. I have been thinking lately of people I have not talked to in years. Last week I finally sat down and wrote out two cards to mail. I went back and forth about whether I should bother. It would not leave my spirit, so I did. I will likely never hear back from the people, but I am glad I just did what I believe the Lord wanted me to do.

    Your home is really so warm and cozy looking, love all your pics.


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