Thursday, April 3, 2014

Snail Mail

Who doesn't love getting snail mail? It feels extra special when you know the person had to pay that ridiculous amount of postage too, doesn't it? It is even *sweeter* to get something in the mail from one of your nieces!

Eloise decorated that envelope above for me...doesn't it just make you smile to see it?

Before I show you the card itself, I simply *must* tell you something. My sister and I are *not* fans of the Looney Toons cartoons. There isn't a particular reason we don't like them, that I can think of. We just don't. It has become a running joke between us as we purchase items to give each other that have Looney Toons characters on them (especially Tweety as he is our least favorite "toon"). My sister finds *way* more than I do and often surprises me with things. (One being a Tweety Bird stuffed animal that Cory and Eloise *won* from a crane machine for me....that Eloise insisted *must* be in my car to decorate, as to not break her little heart, Tweety sits in the back of Wanda-the-Honda. Oh dear!).

Anyway...Eloise (I'm sure *all* by herself with absolutely no help from her mom) picked out this lovely card for me...

As soon as I opened it, I laughed. I should have known. I must admit though, all kidding aside, when I opened the card I saw how Eloise had wrote all the letters herself!!! I was so proud of her (remember, she's THREE!). Look at that....

(She calls me Aunt that's what is says at the top, if you couldn't tell). 

Doesn't it just make you smile too? And hey...did you hear the NEWS? I posted about it but wasn't sure if anyone saw it!? Yes, I am going to be an Auntie *again*! Woohoo! Oh, how I love all these babies around me (I have friends who are pregnant or newly given birth, too). Such a treasure to see all these gifts from God! If you haven't, you really should check out the link I posted above. The video my sister made to announce the pregnancy is incredibly cute and almost made me cry! It is *that* sweet! 

So, tell you love receiving snail mail? Do you find it hard to send it though because of the ridiculously high cost of postage? :) 

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  1. That's awesome that u r going to be a new aunt!! I love getting mail and I don't mind the cost as long as they send me something back!! :-)

  2. Dear Katy, So glad that you are getting another precious niece or nephew! Good Aunties are almost a lost art! Your sweet niece must rally love you, and all the stickers she gave you! And Tweety (what can I say)
    I don't mind spending the money, but I really love getting a card that lifts and encourages me! I love to send a bit of love and cheer myself! We are expecting our 8th grand blessing. And they truly are all ours from our two children!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Katy....I love sending little notes and cards through snail mail and so.etimes even small gifts now and then. It's just something I have always loved to do. Blessings joann

  4. Congratulations to your sister! I didn't watch the video because my internet is the "pay as you go" kind and it's very expensive with a limited amount of megabytes. Videos drain my mb quickly so I have to miss out on them for now. I was hoping you would mention what the video was about later, though I had a suspicion it was a new bundle of joy coming soon!

    I went through a Tweety Bird phase in high school. Even though the show wasn't airing, he was on t-shirts and other items at the time. (I did watch Looney Toons when I was a kid.)

    I love getting snail mail! Our kids do too. My grandmother in FL is good about sending the kids cards for most of the holidays/observances. She used to send them to me when I was a kid and also postcards from their travels, which I loved to get. I love mailing things out to people, but sometimes we just can't afford it. I also dread standing in line at the post office when I have anything to mail that can't go in the outgoing mailbox!

    Have a blessed day! (and thank you for visiting my blog!)


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