Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this year we did a simple day of schooling. The children learned about the history of Valentine's Day, the history of chocolate and how to make chocolate. They played some Valentine games and made Valentine cookies. 

The day was busy....we had to run to Walmart (although I am not a huge fan of the place), to the bank, to my dad's garage (where I clean the waiting room, bathroom and break room), and then out to my aunt and uncle's house to feed their goats (they are away to attend their daughter's wedding in AZ. The rest of us are watching it while it streams online this Sunday evening. :) 

Chris and I didn't do anything that would be called "special" but while he was at work (my dad's garage) and I was cleaning, we stole some kisses from each other when we passed. :) He has been super busy with work....lots of tow jobs to do in this crazy snowy weather (we have *such* an abundance this year!). The children (Madelyn especially) wanted to make us a special candlelit dinner but it just wasn't going to work, so the kids and I played some games here at home while we waited for Chris to get home. 

After spin class early this morning, I came home and took a shower, got dressed then went up and slipped into bed with Chris. We spent time just snuggling and talking and it was extremely nice...I love those moments (and it was very much needed as we seem like we are oft times running in different directions). I am also so thankful for that time together because ever since then, my dad and Chris have been out doing wrecker/tow calls all day. Chris just stopped to get the skidder and put on some overalls and give me a long hug and kiss (which I savored). 

Unfortunately, we are running extremely low on wood for our outdoor wood stove. We planned on getting more wood split and stacked today...but he has been too busy. It makes me so nervous to get so low with wood but Chris prayed with me and when he gets home from all these tow calls we'll work together to get as much wood as we can today. Although tomorrow is the Lord's day, we may need to work on getting more wood split and stacked after church. It simply must be done. Then....although we'll probably be late....we are to attend Chris's brother's 30th birthday tonight. just feels good to type all that...just to "get it out". :)

So although Chris and I didn't do gifts for each other for Valentine's Day, I *do* want to share what my children got me (yes...they bought their mama gifts...isn't that sweet?). They work by doing jobs for people (mostly my parents) and earn their own money. My mom took Xavier shopping (at his request) and he went to a jewelry store and bought me this beautiful necklace with his *own* money... 

My mom told me that the people at the jewelry store just loved that he was doing this for me and they added a rose and small box of chocolates for free! (Since I don't eat sugar, I let Jaxson have my chocolates!)...

In the photo below I am wearing the necklace that X got me as well as earrings that Madelyn bought me for V-day!...

I continually told them that they didn't need to spend their money on me...but they insisted and just glowed as I cried with gratitude! :) They made this mama feel special (not that it takes *gifts* to do that...but it was more the fact that they earned this money and chose to buy something for me than themselves. Their kindness gave me such joy!).

I really must run....the children and I need to go feed the goats (as I mentioned about above). 

How was your Valentine's Day? 

Thank you for visiting! 


  1. How sweet! I set a nice table and made dinner and cookies for my family. Chuck and I just exchanged cards and Megan left us love notes. Made my heart overflow with joy. I hope that things settle down and you and Chris are able to have more time together.

  2. Oh Katy what sweet children you have, this post really made me smile :) I do hope you are able to split your wood for the stove, best wishes.

  3. Awww Katie...what a beautiful day! Such sweet memories and I am so glad you continue to document them. We spent a very quiet night at home. God's Blessing!

  4. Awww! What a lovely Valentine's Day! I loved your schooling ideas!!! I should do that next year!:)

  5. Awe what sweet caring children you've raised!

  6. Wow what an awesome God we servr to bless you with moments like that. Here is one sister in Christ truly happy for all your joy. Savor it!
    God bless you
    Teresa in Ohio

  7. Lovely necklace. I was away from my sweet husband. We hope to have our time this Friday night.


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