Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When it is bitterly cold outside...

...We spend a lot of time indoors! Schooling, piano playing, building, games, and more...

Xavier received a model car for Christmas from some family. He put it together before I knew it...all on his own! He did a great job!

Jaxson had a lot of fun with the Dominoes last night...

Always love to see them laughing!

And this shocked me to the extreme...X layed his head on Madelyn as she gently played with his hair. It was so sweet! I was so thankful to capture this on camera as it isn't always the way they treat one another!

Making mosaic pictures...

Jaxson made a hobbit-hole mosaic (of course) and Xavier made the tree with a tire swing! Madelyn's wasn't done yet when I was taking pictures!

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. It is no season in which to wander the world as if one were the wind blowing aimlessly along the streets without a place to rest, without food, and without time meaning anything to one, just as time means nothing to the wind. 
~Edith Sitwell

I hope you are able to stay warm on these bitterly cold days! As much as I hate Chris having to be outside with this cold, I must admit I am so thankful when he comes home to tend the outdoor wood stove! I do it through the day and feel such relief when he is here to do it at night!  Thanks for coming for a visit here today...it's nice to visit without even having to leave the comfort of home, isn't it? ;) 



  1. I like their mosaic pics... very creative!

  2. It is bitter cold here (Central Indiana) also. I have had the pleasure of having my entire family home since Saturday. Swoon! That will end tomorrow as Chuck will attempt to make it to work. Love the mosaic pictures. We'll have to try that sometime soon!

    Sending warm thoughts your way!

  3. Staying busy is key when stuck indoors. Looks like fun at your house!

  4. Very nice series of photos, and lovely music.

  5. Oh, I can't tell you how much I love the door and wreath in the third picture! I would love to have a beautiful chippy door! My husband would not like that! LoL What does he know! It is beautiful!

    I keep my three year old grand daughter and we have been spending lots of time inside, as well. Too cold for even sitting on the porch for a minute. I have a hard time keeping her busy but we do a lot of crafts and game playing, too.

    Grace & Peace

  6. Hello, We are in a warming trend now, till the next arctic blast!
    How are you Katy? Send me an Email soon...
    I am doing very well, and growing in grace and in His strength daily.
    Enjoying starting fresh in my daily devotions and Bible reading! Wish you would pop in once in awhile to comment.
    Blessings Always, Roxy


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