Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My niece, Eloise, is turning three this week and we celebrated her beautiful life with a party this past weekend! My sister did it again...absolutely fantastic homemade decorations! Have you seen my post from her Dinah-in-Onederland party? If not, you should really go take a look! Her decorations (made entirely by herself) are perfect!

Eloise loves Peter Pan and so they had a Peter Pancake Party! Isn't that so fun!?

El and Jaxson...

Dinah shows uncle Chris her dress...

Dinah"bell" and Madelyn...

My sister had shirts for the children to wear so they all were a character. Cory was captain Hook (although El was quite nervous that her dad was wearing a plastic hook!) and they gave Chris a tattoo sleeve so he could be a pirate! He had that arm covered with his shirt and had Eloise come talk to him. He asked her if he had tattoos would he then be a pirate and she answered "yes"...so he lifted his sleeve and her eyes got *huge*! I think she may possibly think her Uncle Chris is a pirate for the rest of her life! ;)


Time to open some gifts!

Daddy/Daughter conversations...

Chris and me (yes, I wear glasses. Usually I wear contacts but the ones I have now are the wrong prescription...a little too strong...and give me headaches. I can't wear them too long (I'm getting the right prescription in soon! Yay!) so I have to resort to wearing my glasses the second half of the day usually...

Dinah climbed in this box...it was really cute!

And then Eloise wanted in too!

Jaxson (aka: Smee) with his pirate necklace...

X and El...


Time for cake!

You can find some more fun pictures from El's party at my sister's blog
Thanks for sharing in the fun with me! We had a lovely time full of fun, family, laughter and fellowship! What could be better? :)

And now, I must run! I gotta get ready to head to spin class this morning. Then home to shower, have breakfast, prayer and catechism with the children and then start another school day! :) Another joyful, busy day in this little life of mine! Happy Tuesday!



  1. precious memories, those are wonderful photos.
    sounds like such fun. I remember when she was born!
    been following along with you for quite awhile now!
    happy for your family, she is adorable!
    blessings to you all!

  2. Lovely children.....when my children were small we didn't have much money (still dont lol) but we were and still are happy, anyway I always made decorations, costumes, and gifts..still make a lot for my grandchildren I think it is more meaningful.... Such talent your sister has. Stay warm hope you aren't in the part of PA that is expecting the snow storm.. I am in northeast Ohio and we are expecting about a inch but fridge temps..

  3. What a cute idea for a birthday party!


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