Monday, May 4, 2009

Reorganizing My Home Cleaning Journal

For me, I find that the more organized I am...and if I have a plan to follow...the more things I get accomplished and the better our home feels..(and the better I feel!)! I had a home cleaning journal previously....but I felt like it wasn't good enough and I made it too big and bulky and I ended up not using it consistently. So....I decided to downsize it and make it just what I need it for and not put in "fluff".

I have a Proverbs 31 Woman virtues from a list I printed from HERE. And I also have the 27th verse of Proverbs 31 typed and printed out to remind me that idleness is not acceptable!

Some may think it is silly to write out your morning and bedtime making the beds and brushing your teeth...however, I just loved to have things written out and on paper. Is that strange? I love having checklists of things to accomplish! There is such satisfaction of getting each thing done! :)

After that I have my daily cleaning chores written out....(Nothing on Sunday though, of course!)

Then I have Zone work....I do these on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I have certain weeks for each zone. This is similar to what flylady does...but I do my own. I can't work well off someone else's lists.

Basic cleanser recipes.....

I adapted a grand cleaning plan for my home using one made by Katie Leckey. This is for when I am giving the house an extremely good cleaning! :) There are pages and pages of this...but I didn't photograph each one! :)

And at the end I have meal planning ideas, important phone numbers, local take-out menus and phone numbers and such....

This is not something that everyone likes to do or ever even does. For keeps me accountable and I love having one! Thank you for visiting me today!!! We are keeping busy here at my house! I hope you all are well and hope you have a wonderful week!!! :)


  1. I LOVE this post! I love charts, lists, to-do's, menu ideas, just any kind of organization makes life so much easier. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I absolutely love this post. I am a checklist fanatic, always have been :) My husband makes fun of me because there is always some kind of list lying around. I like knowing what needs to be done and I feel great when I am able to check it off or highlight it.


  3. My friend used to follow flylady and it worked for her. I am usually very organized but lately I feel like my whole life is mixed up. I hope the schedule works for you. :)


  4. Great post Katie!! I need to get my Home Cleaning Journal back out and reorganize it!


  5. Love this! I have been working on getting on a schedule.

  6. Very cool, Katy. I love organizing things in folders and binders! I have to write every thing down!


  7. Wow you are amazing!!

    I need to reference this post when I have a bit more time on my hands. It is a really good idea.

    Meanwhile I am knee deep in paper work as I try and reorganize/downsize the clutter in our office.

    I have decided homemaking is a constant-every evolving process. But I wouldn't want to have any other job :)

  8. I'm a list person also.
    have a wonderful week..

  9. Katy,
    You are so organized! Wow! But like you said, it's something that helps you and so I see that as a great thing. I, myself, don't like having a routine and like to mix things up so I do things as I see they need to be completed. But everyone is different :)

    I have to say that I read your status yesterday on Facebook about organizing your home cleaning journal and read the comment by one of your friends that said something like, "I've heard of people like you.." I chuckled at that for some reason. I guess maybe because I knew what you might be feeling like when you read that. Why is it that people find it funny when others take pride and get satisfaction out of something so simple as keeping your house neat? I'm often getting the comments and eye rolling because of what I accomplish in a day and that we don't live like it's unnatural??? Silly people!

    Have a great day :)


  10. You are so wonderfully organized, Miss Katy! And I make schedules or routines for myself, too... it's the only way I can keep myself on track- especially if I have a lot to do.
    I admire you for not only planning out your day, but your meals and cleaning, too! I think it's great!

  11. Great post Katy! I'm a big "check it off the list person" so I totally understand the feeling of satisfaction when you complete a list plus, it's fun to look back on...I still have all the feeding schedules I kept with Rachel and Trevor (date back to 1993). They're my keepsakes. =)


  12. Katy, I love it!! Truly I do :D

    I have a very good friend who is as organised as you that sometimes I wonder if you're really the same person lol

  13. Oh Katy How I Love How Much We Are Alike. :)

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your organizing tips Katy!!This is so helpful for me.Blessings,Toni

  15. I used to do a similar thing with writing lists for the day, but long story short, I stopped. Your blog has inspried me to start doing it again. Thanks for the inspiration to get me started again! Erica


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