Monday, May 25, 2009

When Two Become One....

My sister, Devon, and her fiance, Cory, got married on Saturday!!! It was a beautiful wedding! Devon looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress! They make an adorable couple, don't you think?
As of right now...they are in Scotland for their honeymoon!!! Isn't that amazing? I bet they are having a wonderful time! :)

I have tons of pictures I could share with you all....however, for some reason..whether it's my computer or it's blogger...they are taking forever to upload. So I am just going to share a few!!!! :)
My Aunt Christy did us girls' hair Saturday morning.....

My handsome ring bearers....Jaxson and Xavier.....

And sweet Madelyn....the flower fairy! My mom made those wings! Aren't they amazing???

I don't have pics during the actual wedding...since I was the matron of honor (woot!)...carrying a camera was a no, no! LOL

At the mom and family and friends really worked hard to decorate and make it perfect! It really was beautiful!!!
The first dance....

Me and Chris....My boys....cute entertainment!!! LOL....

The kids dancing with the bride!

We had a wonderful time and it was such a beautiful celebration!!! I am so happy to have Cory as my brother in law and look forward to getting some neices and nephews soon...hehe!!! :)


  1. Beautiful wedding! The gown is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pics. Have a lovely day! ((Hugs))

  2. Glad that you shared. Everyone look so happy and beautiful!

  3. Love the pics!! Those wings are gorgeous!! For a moment, Cory looked like Chris.
    Oh, Congratulations to Devon and Cory!!

  4. What an exquisite dress! It looks almost Renaissance. I have to ask, did Devon make it, have it made, or buy it? How wonderful that they are honeymooning in Scotland. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Just beautiful, love those wings, what a neat idea!

  6. What beautiful pics! Everyone looks so lovely! What part of Scotland are they in?? Maybe they could call round and visit me! :)

  7. Please give my Congratulations to Devon and Cory.May they be blessed with a long and loving marriage. They are a very cute couple! The wedding looked gorgeous as did you. Lovely pictures. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  8. beautiful pics..The bride was lovely..
    Many years of happiness to the happy couple...
    take care,

  9. How nice!! Your kids are adorable!!!!!
    Christy's salon...everything purple!!! I remember that from the old days...

  10. Congrats to them. It's about time they got married. The dress is beautiful. You & Maddy are beautiful. Love Maddy's fairy dress. Glad you had wonderful time at the wedding. Wish them many years of happiness & joy.

  11. Congrats to your sister! It was really beautiful!


  12. Everything looks wonderful Katy!!! I`m so happy for your sister! I pray they will have a blessed life together!!

  13. Lovely!!

    Loving the last pic of the kids dancing! Ha.


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