Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Few Decor Changes you all will remember (and for any new readers) this is my temporary living room....the walls are horrible and still have yet to be redone...but I am waiting till we finish my new living room and move in there before I start working on this room, I think. I got a few things the past few months and decided to try and hang them up (even though it is temporarily in this room...although temporarily could mean years when it comes to DO IT YOURSELF projects/us finishing the new living room!). If you want to see pics of how things were previously in my living can go HERE. Lucky for me...I like the prim/country the walls sorta fit in...LOL! But I still like a "cleaner" country style! ha!

Below is a window I bought a week or two ago! Isn't it fantastic??? I can't wait till the new living room is done...I have great plans for this window and decorating!!! :o)

I have a stove in a corner (not by my was like this when we moved in) creates a big gap behind it...and it's sooo hard to clean back there...but I do try. Anyway...I did a lil rearranging back there too.....

And a pic of my dining room...just cuz I love it! ;) Although you will notice it is far from perfect. I know that I like to see "real" pics of people's homes...and so that is what I want to share as well. If you come in my house most days...this is exactly what my dining room would look like. It looks cluttered in the *real* life, it doesn't appear that way! :)

Anyhoooooo.....thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are well and enjoying the nicer weather! Have a fantastic weekend! :)


  1. Katy,
    You place looks very nice, love the dining room. Have a great day! Anne

  2. Well, I think your make shift living room looks very cozy and inviting. I also like your living room.


  3. Katy I love your home, its so filled with love and is so inviting. I love how your dining room says come in and sit a spell, have some delicious food!!:0) Hope your having a great week my friend!!~Hugs~Wendy

  4. Katy, your place looks great!!!
    Looks so inviting!!!
    Have a great week!

  5. Great window! Those windows are so versatile! Your dining room looks so cozy!


  6. Doesn't it feel better to get a fresh new look?? Especially when you can just shop the house.
    Love that window!!

  7. Love the window.....You have it decorated just perfect!

  8. Looks cute and very comfortable. I would love to sit in your home and chat with you. Have a great day. Julie

  9. I had to laugh about your DIY comment! My kitchen is taking forever, but will be worth it in the end.

    Love all the changes!

  10. I love seeing pictures of your home.


    Hope you're having a good day

  11. I love that little window! Everything looks great!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  12. Very cute dining room. Love the border and table set.

  13. Such a cozy home sweet home!!

    You've done a great job!

  14. Katy - your house looks just lovely. So inviting!!!

  15. Hi Katy!
    it's wonderful, so comfy/cozy...

    Have a HAPPY Mother's day-hope it's filled with lotsa happyiness, lovin' hugs and smiles from those 3 beautiful lil blessings of yours!


  16. I totally understand the "do it yourself waiting game" LOL. We have been re-doing our houe forever it seems and I ahve the hardest time decorating because I know it is temp. Uggh.
    The hunster has tons of outdoor things he has plans for and I just want my bathroom and kitchen FINISHED!


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