Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Latest Busy-ness...

The pace of life of our culture can be frantic. Homeschooling gives us the precious gift of time with our children. 
~Zan Tyler, "Anyone Can Homeschool"

Even though we are still working through our schoolwork for *this* year, I have been getting our plans ready for *next* school year. We will continue using Christian Light Education for math and language arts but we are going to implement easy peasy for the rest! We may use a book "The Human Body" from AIG (found on ebay) for our study of anatomy next year (although easy peasy has anatomy to study too...so I may incorporate both...I will just have to see!). We hope to make lapbooks next year and experiment with different styles of learning (online resources, continued attendance with our co-op, movies etc...in addition to our book work!). Although we are all looking forward to a summer break from our schooling adventures, I am also already looking forward to starting the next school season! 

I am also extremely excited because I found out that I get to teach my most-wanted teaching position in our homeschool co-op next year! I get to teach the Keepers of the Faith class! I will be encouraging girls to embrace their roles as girls/growing to be women. We will be working on homemaking and keeping as well as enjoying our femininity! I plan on using Proverbs 31 as a guide...so the girls will learn (and hopefully grow to love) those verses of scripture and begin implementing them as they grow and mature into young women! I will pray about this and will follow God's leading on what He would have me do. :)

Even *Bilbo Baggins* likes doing schoolwork!

We have had some beautiful days here...although most have been a bit chilly. I am so thankful for the sunshine though...I think I was starting to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency! My body longed to soak in some of those glorious sun-rays! Sometimes, when it feels like I just can't take a cloudy or snowy day any longer, the Lord just blesses me with an abundance of sunshine (I am quite sure this blesses everyone..not just me...but I can only speak from my experience!). 

I have taken advantage of this nicer weather...getting some good runs in when I can, doing some mowing and raking, and tidying/beautifying our yard...

I have wonderfully hardy lillies growing along the front of our garage. I decided to put a rock border around them and I really like how it turned out!

Mowing and raking, raking and mowing...I take the leaves into the chicken run. They love scratching around in them to see what they can find. *And* I must say that both mowing *and* raking our wonderful workouts. It feels quite wonderful to be exercising and getting things accomplished all at the same time!

The children and I are not the only ones soaking in the sunshine! Clothes are out drying daily (hooray for clothesline weather!)...

And Jack-the-Cat is so happy that the warmer temperatures have set in!

Inside, we have been going through winter clothes and putting them in space bags to store away until colder weather sets in again. (Although I must admit, if you don't get them sealed perfectly, they don't stay vacuumed out. That is a bit frustrating!)

Our hens have been laying nicely for us...although I can't wait until our new girls come too. When they are up-and-laying after the mature a bit, we will have eggs galore! :) You really can't beat fresh eggs. They are infinitely better than store-bought! If you don't get farm fresh right now, I encourage you to search around and see if anyone is selling any. We sell ours for less than store prices and ours are *much* healthier (and fresher)!

The days are full and busy (and when they *aren't* busy, it's nice having time to relax!). The children and I are getting ready to go help a loved one with their yard work (get to soak in some more of that beautiful God-given sunshine! Yay!). So, off we go! Hope you have a *great* day! Thanks so much for visiting here! 



  1. I like the rocks around the flowers too!

  2. I put our winter clothes in totes. I so want to use our clothes line, but we are redoing the backyard, so I have tried to stop the temptation to go out there and use it! :) m.

  3. Wish I could buy some of your eggs! Friends with chickens around us sell them for about twice the grocery store price!

  4. I have been pondering and thinking about our homeschooling for next year. Congrats on being able to encourage those young ladies! I am loving clothesline weather too! I love the way the laundry smells. The rocks around the lilies look amazing! Can't wait to see your new girls when they arrive. We picked up our first chicks three weeks ago. It has been quite fun!

  5. So glad to hear about your opportunity to teach next year! I know the subject is so near and dear to your heart! We are planning to homeschool after our adoption is finalized and I would love to hear more about your co-op experience. We hope to join a homeschool hub in our area once we know more of the pros and cons of it. Hope you have a blessed day!

  6. Hi Katy,

    I love the picture of your little one so intent on his studies! :)

    I always get in the mode for planning for next school year this time of year. I've been doing the same!

    I'm excited to say that we're finally getting chickens! It's something I've wanted to do for some time! I'm excited to have fresh eggs!


  7. I have been able to use my clothesline a few times and am so happy! The rain has been keeping me from using it more.

    The rocks make a nice border around the lilies. I like that they take little to maintain.

    I hope you get more days filled with sunshine!

  8. We have not had much sunshine lately and I am really missing it! The days seem so much better with a little sun shining on you!

    The eggs look great! Wish I lived closer so I could buy some from you.

    Have a great day!

  9. You have got a cute nice kitten. God bless you.

  10. Im thinking of selling eggs myself. Can i ask how much you charge for yours?


  11. Hello Dear Katy,
    Yes the little guy with his tongue sticking out just blessed my heart. I would love to be able to teach the young ladies again. My where does the time go?
    We are going in May to visit our other four precious grandchildren in Florida!!
    This spring weather here has been wild, warm then freezing and the blowing dirt from the drought.
    We also have been getting so many eggs, Omlett anyone?
    Blessing, Roxy


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