Saturday, April 27, 2013

Smiling ~ With a Little Help from my Friends...

These guys and dolls make me smile...a lot! Getting to visit with my sister and her girls is so much fun for all of us! Eloise just got a trike and helmet. She has been practicing her pedaling skills and now, when coming to visits at Pop-Pop's garage, she gets to ride her trike around with the boys! It's so cute watching her go! She's a pro!

I got to snuggle a sleepy Dinah (and Jax always likes to photo-bomb every picture he can..which is okay with makes me laugh!)...

Madelyn-the-Lovely, reading...

Xavier got to help work some on Aunt Nen's bug! He was showing me different things!

A love note...from Jaxson to my mom...

My children's *school* pictures (from our homeschool co-op)...

El's trike...isn't it incredibly cute?

Aunt TiTi (aka: me) and Dinah-mite... (and, yes, Jaxson-photo-bomber-extraordinaire!)...

A worker for my dad is leaving for boot camp in a couple weeks so we all threw him a surprise going away party at the garage (this was on a different day than when Devon and the girls visited). I snapped this picture of Chris and is definitely share-worthy!

And now I must go. It's an absolutely gorgeous sunshine-filled day here and there are lots of things to do! And if I get the chance, I have every intention of soaking up some sun and reading a good book at the same time! :) Hope you are having a great weekend so far!! 



  1. lovely photos, all the children have grown!
    have a wonderful weekend!
    God Bless Your Family!

  2. Awesome photo of father and son!



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