Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our New Recliners :o)

Here are our new recliners that we got recently. They are quite large for the space....but let me tell you...once you sit in's like being in a cloud! They are so comfortable and soft! To be honest...when we first got them home I panicked. I almost balwed because I didn't like how it looked and how big they were. (They sure didn't look that big in the store!)....but I went to bed and prayed and read Psalm 105 and I calmed down. I realized that we are blessed to be able to have these comfortable places to rest our bodies. We were blessed that we could afford them! So I began having a thankful heart instead of a discontented one...and let me tell you...the peace that comes from that is wonderful! :)

I keep trying to move both recliners to be at the same angle from the rooster table...but it never seems to stay how I put them! LOL :)

It's a rainy day here in PA. Our church festivities that were planned for our local festival downtown have been cancelled. So....I guess we will enjoy an evening at home!

I just had to share this last pic with you really quick....I walked past my church bag (I use it to carry my bible and sunday school things in) and this is what I see peeking out at me.....

hehehe...isn't that too cute? It's still there even as I type. It's a little monkey beanie baby type thing wrapped in a blanket and snuggled into my bag! I am not sure which one of the kids did it...but just looking at it makes me smile. I hope it gives you the same reaction! :o)

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! :)


  1. your home is so cozy! I love the country look:) These days though I can't go for a "look" as my kids touch everything:) I think you living room looks comfortable and beautiful all at the same time. Those recliners sure do look comfy!

  2. I think those recliners look heavenly!! My momma and daddy have a couple, and whenever I visit, I end up sleeping in them almost every night! I even thought about buying one for my house because Jack needed to be held upright for the first month even when he slept because he spit up so bad. He has settled down now, but I still may get one for the bonus room because I love 'em so much!

    The monkey was sweet! I think the sweetest part is that you aren't sure which one of them did it. It's one of those sweet, precious things that you always want to remember. Bless their little hearts!

  3. Katy your new recliners look great in your home!!! I agree your home looks so cozy!!:0) Have a wonderful rest of your week my friend!~hugs~Wendy

  4. Your recliners do look comfy! :) And your living room is lovely!

  5. The children look nice and comfy in those chairs. I think they look good where you have them.


  6. Hey There Katy,

    You are going to love your big comfy recliners! I've got one I've had now for ten years. Sure, they're big and bulky; but, the comfort! Oh my, it's so worth it.

    So glad you are finding contentment. It makes such a difference. I think that is part of what's lead to what I'm up to this evening. You can read about it at my blog home. Thanks so much for coming over and commenting.

    I'm enjoying getting to know you!


  7. a giant cloud sound so good about now to lay on....

  8. Catching up on your blog, I just love the look of your house and remembering growing up on my Grandparents farm and how peaceful it was. Your place reminds me of that and seeing your kiddos playing what wonderful memories they are going to have with the life you and your husband is giving them. Your have a beauiful place.
    God Blessings,
    Kim in OK

  9. We don't own recliners but I love sitting in my Grandpa's when we go visit. :) They look nice, Katy.

    Monkey in a bag..cute cute cute! LOL

  10. Aw...nothing like a recliner! I could easily fall asleep just thinking of sitting in one...LOL


  11. Katy,
    I think the matching recliners look nice in your room! I know it's still a WIP but I think you're getting a lot accomplished and things look great!

    More than once I have done the same thing as something I really wanted and then panicked when we got home. (Like the day we had to fight with the doorway, wall and the new couch to get our new couch in the house! I wanted to bawl!) Things never seem to be what you think they will until you get them home.


    Have a great day :)


  12. Your chairs look really comfy and I love the color! That monkey is the sweetest little thing!



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