Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Days Drifting Away.....

Although it is just the beginning of summer...the days are drifting by slowly but surely. Some days seem to pass quicker than others. I spend time hanging out clothes and cleaning (and plan to start walking outside with the kids on nice days too!).

The kids spend their days riding their bikes and lil tractors around; Driving trucks and swinging. I wish I still had their energy. I think my goal is to regain the energy I used to have and try to keep up with my kids outside! Talk about exercise! LOL

As one bloom dies...another blossoms...

Our garage door.....I just enjoy looking at it. Is that weird?

The girls are well....keeping us well satisfied in the egg department!

Fast trucks ;).......

Perfect play spots....sunny enough to see...shady enough to enjoy....

The kids spend a lot of time in this dirt pile playing with the trucks! I love it!!! :) They also spend alot of time at the basketball court riding their bikes in circles! Usually...like popcorn...they come inside at different intervals...with a booboo on the knee from a collision with each other...or a "he said, she said" incident between them.

And...an exciting pic of the siding I mentioned the other day!!! YIPPEE! Chris still has to finish the top dormers and the soffet and fashcia....but just look at the progress!!! wooohooooo! I seriously can't wait for the whole thing to be done!!!! :)

This week is a local western PA festival in town. I plan on taking the kids down. Tomorrow I will probably take them to the book sale at the library. Wednesday night...our church's praise team will be performing downtown and I am participating in a puppet show to music. It's fun :)! Hope you have an absolutely fabulous day! :) Thanks for dropping by!


  1. What sweet, carefree times~~ You are so blessed.

  2. Those were the good old days, the carefree days. Having grown up with 4 brothers in the country valleys of Pennsylvania playing in the dirt seemed to have been one of our biggest priorities (not to mention, "borrowing" mom's canning jars for a few tadpoles or lightening bugs (fireflies). Country life is a blessing in itself, another one is to have the opportunity to raise your own children in the country.

    What a bargain and your desk looks great, I love it...

    Also, have to tell you I love the color of your siding, our last house was yellow. It is such a warm and welcoming color.

    Your new blog design is awesome!

    Blessings, Mel

  3. I know what you meant. I'm spending too much time outdoor with girls. I wonder in the world where I get the energy from. But at least, we are treasuring every moment with kids. Wait til they're teens & they don't wanna go outside. LOL

  4. What nice carefree days, Oh to be young again!

    The siding looks so nice!

  5. Sweet post. Not strange at all that you like looking at your garage door. I think it shows how you receive enjoyment from the simple things!

    Have a great day!

  6. I've missed your blog Katy! Now I'm getting back on my feet you'll see me more :D

    As usual, love catching up with all your photos and stories.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Katy, your husband is doing a great job on the siding, I love the color. I wish I had half the energy that kids have. your garage door is wonerfully simple, and it is great that you can enjoy something so simple. I think it sayes alot about you. Soak up the summer sun while you can, it will be gone before you know it.
    Hey where are the pictures of your new recliners?


  8. Fun summer days!


    Your house is coming along nicely

  9. Definitely not weird to look at that garage door. I would print that picture out and frame it!! I was wondering the other day...did you really enjoy MFW and would you recommend it?? I am thinking about getting it for Jackson this Fall.

  10. have fun at laurel festival... one of the few things about our hometown that i miss... along with some people. ;)

  11. Hi Katy--looks like perfect summertime days--I have many memories from childhood playing in dirt piles and riding bikes!! Have a super day. Julie

  12. Good times. I love hearing children utside palying and laughing in the summer it's the best sound ever.

    I like your garage door. The house is looking great.


  13. You make the country lifestyle look lovely!

    And yes...we do spell 'Katy' the right way! I always tell people that when I occasionally come across one of us!

  14. I hear ya on the days going by a bit too fast for us too! I'm a little weepy I guess, I want to capture this time in a bottle...

    Your home is just too cute Katy! I love the color of the siding,it looks like lemon butter!! My husband always laughs at the variations of colors I come up with...Lol...

    Enjoy your summer with your kiddos!!


  15. I love seeing kids play like that! That's the good stuff, Katy! :)

    I don't think looking at the door and enjoying it is weird at all! That door looks very cozy and inviting to me! I do that with things too!

    Your house looks great!


  16. Hi! Check out my blog


    I have given your blog an award :)

  17. Your garage door is cute - I'd look at it too! Your kids have such a perfect play space and the siding is looking great!


  18. I love your house Katy! You have such a blessed life!

  19. Your garage door is perfect! I would totally enjoy looking at it, too. I love seeing your children playing together...I took Amelia outside this afternoon while Jack was napping. She would just LOOOOOVE to have someone to play with. I so look forward to the days like this when I can watch them riding bikes together and sitting under the trees....

  20. A fabulous peek into your summer, Katy. Thanks for sharing.


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