Monday, June 22, 2009

"The contented man is never poor.....

...the discontented man is never rich."
~George Eliot

You all want to know the sure-fire way of getting a young girl to do her chores? Have her put on an apron! I kid you not! Madelyn absolutely loves when I do housework in one of my aprons and always wants to put hers on! She has been playing in hers all morning...and when asked to pick something up or help out with something around the house...she is much more happy to do long as that apron is tied around her waist! :) My boys even like to put aprons on (the ones that are full body...more of a "man kind" I guess!)

What have I been keeping busy with lately? Oh....lots of things....among the normal housework like dishes and laundry; dusting and vacuuming....

I made some homemade laundry soap. (Usually my hubby, Chris, makes it for us...but my friend, Aimee, did it on her own so I thought I could do it too....and ta da!)......

I went to a book sale at the local library earlier in the week...and got a bunch of books for the kids and me! This isn't even a pic of all of them! :)

Did a little shopping with my aunt who was in town and my mom....and got this pottery to burn a candle in. Isn't it c*u*t*e*? :)

And....while at Tractor Supply one mom saw parsley planter kits on sale and got my sister and I each one....and here is a pic of my parsley growing!!! Yippee!

Our garden outside is in full swing too....Chris needs to till up between the plants and then we will go out and do some serious weeding. But the plants seem to all be coming up that is exciting!

A wagon train is coming through our area this weekend and will be stopping at my inlaws' meat market! My mom and Chris may ride in it for a bit too! I will be sure to take pics! I have no idea what to expect with this! They camp out and then ride for miles!

Well...I need to run....I have clothes out on the line and more waiting to be hung out! I live a truly simple and happy life. I am so thankful for it. Is everyday perfect? Not at all....but overall...I truly try to be content with the simple things. It makes life so much easier! I do, sometimes, struggle with wishing we had more etc....but that is something I am really working on. I want to be completely content and thankful for our blessings. God has blessed us and I don't want to take that for granted!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Each comment and thought you leave for me is much appreciated! I hope you all have a great start to your week! :)


  1. Katy,

    I love a simple life. Sometimes it is hard when you want things RIGHT NOW, but I'm so thankful to be home with my kids and homeschooling that I remind myself of these things and just work on being content everyday!

    Your daughter looks darling in the apron! She looks like quite the helper!

    Wish I could hang clothes out on a line, but we have so many blackbirds around here...that well you know what happens! :)

    Have a great week!

  2. It is good to be content....who needs the stress of wanting and wanting!

  3. We've been busy, busy around here! I'm ready to slow down and enjoy a simpler pace for the rest of the summer!


  4. Wonderful post Katy! I am currently struggling with the contentment issue. It is something that I seem to battle off and on. My life is good and it drives me crazy that I let that ugly contentment sneek in!

    Have a great week!

  5. My pastor's sermon yesterday was from 1st Timothy about being contented with what you have and your circumstances.

  6. My husband just commented to me yesterday that he is grateful that we live such a simple life. I love it!! And being content is something I work towards, too. It sure brings peace. Have a super day, Katy. Julie

  7. HA!!!!!!!!!! Maddy(I think I got the name right) looks cute in an apron!!!!!!!!

    I wish we could hang clothes on the line....but like mom said, too many blackbirds.

    Love, Joy =D

  8. AHHHHH! Clothes on the line I can smell them all the way down here in VA. I love your new crock candle.


  9. I remember growing up and my grandmother always wore aprons. She is her sister-in-law made some out of flower sacks. I wish I had one of them today. I love home-made soap. I bought some the last time we went to the Farmer's Market. Look forward to seeing pictures of the wagon train--that sounds interesting.

  10. I haven't used my parsley planter yet... I'm such a slacker!

    Have laundry and stuff to do... but not feeling so well... threw up again! UGH!

  11. Katy, see that laundry soap isn't bad. I'm glad you tried it. Did you put a scent in yours?? Madelyn looks cute in her apron, maybe I should try that if you think it might get some bottoms moving. Nice pictures, I will have to email you the park pictures. Aimee

  12. Hi Katy,
    I just want you to know that I love the way you write. It's so conversational, just like we're chatting together.


  13. Just stopping in to say Hi. I bought a bird house at our local tractor supply. I didn't know they had other things besides tractors! Have a lovely week.

  14. I make my own laundry soap too. It saves me a fortune!

  15. I prefer full body aprons. the bigger the better. I can be quite a mess when a cook and always get something on my top half. Sigh... I have all boys and they enjoy aprons too. Strangely, they do not make the mess on themselves that I do. They get it all on the stove.

    I need to get some soap made. I have all the ingredients, just need to get it done. :)

    I read about your father in law. I'll be praying for him.
    God bless,


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