Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Penn's Cave ~ Homeschool Field Trip

Before I start this post officially...I just have to say how flabbergasted I am that my computer/blogger still says the word "homeschool" is misspelled because it doesn't recognize it! Seriously!? It's a WORD! :o) 

OK...onto the post at hand...the boys and I, carpooling with good friends of ours, went to Penn's Cave for a fun field trip yesterday! We had to travel a bit...which was a nice time of talking with my friend! The photos are from my phone (so I didn't have to lug around my camera as well) so that's why they are sized strangely. 

Except for the references to "millions of  years" in the explanations of the rock formations (too bad it wasn't from a Creationist perspective) was nice! The boys really thought it was great! I had been there previously...many, many years ago on a 6th grade field I knew what to expect.

Although I couldn't get a good photo of it...we even saw bats hibernating...hanging from the ceiling of the rocks. It was pretty neat! :)

When we came out of the other side of the cave...this was what we saw...

 We had to return the way we came but it was so interesting to see things when coming the opposite direction!

A dark cave photo with Xavier...(we obviously didn't know where the lens was...haha!)...

 We had a fun time. It is a bit expensive for a little cave tour but the boys enjoyed it and we don't do a lot of field trips and it was worth it! :) Madelyn had to work Tuesday so she couldn't go with us.

Have you been on any field trips/ vacations lately? I'd love to hear about it!!! :)
Have a great rest of the week!



  1. Love it! Reminds me of when we went to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky and toured caves on vacation. It was a very reasonably priced vacation, we stayed in the park and there is lots to do there. I can't believe how much your boys looks are changing! They are growing up!

  2. Great memories in the making, We went with our son to Carlsberg Caverns, Fun, But I was afraid that bats would come flying at us lol

  3. We were there a few years ago, I thought they were closing the place to the public to help the bat population in the area.



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