Saturday, April 1, 2017

Laundry Room ~ Decor & Tips

A young mama friend of mine ~ raising many littles and doing a wonderful job of it ~ surprised me the other day with some decor she made me for my laundry room! I was *so* excited when I opened the present and saw it!!! The wood is stained and smells amazing too! :) 

She made me the laundry letters in the photo above and even included the twine and told me how to hang them up to display! (Chris helped me hang everything! He's pretty great! *grin*). She made me this sweet sign below....

...and these cute *wash*, *dry*, *fold* signs too!....

Initially, I was going to group it all together somehow...but then I found places for them to hang that I liked better! Here's another look at the laundry letters (Yes, we have a huge abundance of saved egg cartons from friends...for our chicken eggs :o)...

 Here (below) is another look at the other corner of the can see my folding drying rack sitting against the wall there too. We still have trim to do around the windows and the coat'll get done eventually! :)

Below is a picture of a shelf I got at a thrift store (I think) a long time ago....I never used it. Just saved it until I found the right place. I felt that it would work perfectly in the laundry room...and I love it! I have a framed watercolor print of chickens I got from etsy a long time ago on top (I love that print!) and my clothespin dress holder hanging on one of the pegs...

A closer look at the chicken print...

Deciding where things should go and making holes in the wall can be stressful! I am so glad when Chris is here to help me! :)

And quickly, before I go ~ I wanted to just share a few quick tips that may make your laundry-life a little easier (and cheaper)!

First...I wash Chris and my clothes in one load, towels in another load and the boys' clothes together in another load (Madelyn washes her own laundry). I don't separate things into lights, darks and whites. I wash it all together and on cold. I use hot water only for towels (and my exercise clothes). This saves unnecessary sorting and time! If an item is new and I am afraid it will bleed into other clothes I will either wash it alone once or else I put in a Tide color sheet (I can't think of the actual name of them...but they soak up any color that bleeds from your clothes that would otherwise get on all your other clothes). I seldom need to use them...thus why the name escapes me. :o)

Second...I don't use dryer sheets. I use dryer balls. They don't have to be can find them inexpensive actually in many stores. Norwex (which I posted about previously and I love) has them...but you can find them cheaper other places. I used to have three wool balls but the dog chewed two of them (which is strange since he doesn't do that to things....he must have thought they were a toy) so I only have one wool one and two plastic ones that look like hedgehogs (which I was given as a gift at Christmas time). They work wonderfully, speed your drying time and save money! Plus, you don't get all the chemicals all over your clothes either!! Win, win! :o)

Third...when it is nice out....I hang clothes out to dry! It saves money and the smell of the clothes when you bring them in is just *wonderful*!!

And finally...I encourage you to wash, dry, fold and put away clothes all in the same day. Don't leave them in the dryer.....finish it. It truly only takes a few minutes to fold a load of clothes (although small children's clothes can take a bit longer)...but just do it and get it done! It feels great to have it accomplished even if you know there will be another load to do tomorrow! (I usually do at least one load of laundry per day...this keeps it from getting overwhelming!)

So there you have it....some laundry room decor and some tips that keep my laundry routine running smoothly and as inexpensively as possible! :o) I hope you have enjoyed your visit! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a lovely week ahead!



  1. Everything looks so cute, Katy, and I love the color on your walls. I have to say I think you might have the prettiest laundry room I have ever seen! I need to get better at putting laundry away the same day, I fail terribly at it. But I also have to work around my husbands swing shift. I don't want to be up there putting laundry away while he is sleeping away during the day. Working the hours he does he already struggles with sleep routines. But if I make it a priority, I can do better. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much Jenn! :) I am so happy with it! :) I'm sure if you looked on Pinterest, you would find many laundry rooms much prettier than mine...but I do appreciate your super sweet words! :)

  2. LOvely laundry room!
    What a sweet friend, to do that for you.

    I wash similar to you. Jeans in one load, towels in another, mine and Dh's shirts and undies/socks together, and Ds's clothes in another load. ALso on cold, and no dryer sheets. Things turn out just fine. :D

  3. Hi Katy,
    What a great gift from a very talented friend. I love the artwork. From the photos you post on your blog, you always seem decorate your rooms so well.

  4. I love the laundry room. My washer and dryer are in a small area in my kitchen and it drives me crazy! I want a room. I also love the color of your room. My cousin just started selling Norwex so I may have to dry those dryer balls.

  5. Hi, Katy! I love laundry room posts...I may copy your piles of laundry/blessings sign for my own laundry area. Have a great day!

  6. Your room is wonderful! How sweet of that precious friend. Indi my laundry the same. How neat.

  7. Hi Katy! Your laundry room looks very cozy and organized and those signs and letters: just beautiful!

  8. Such a sweet gift! I painted my laundry area the same shade of blue last summer. I love it! You have a great space...enjoy!

  9. Hi Katy! I LOVE your laundry room!!! The laundry room is one area I've been working on. I live in an old farmhouse and the laundry room was originally a master bedroom, so it's quite roomy. Love organizing and decorating! Thank you so much for sharing!! Blessings, Jamie

  10. Like the rest of your home, your laundry room looks so cozy and inviting, Katy! After reading about your dryer balls, I ordered some and can't wait to use them. Goodbye, chemicals! Been enjoying your sweet blog for a while now. Blessings from one candle lover to another!

  11. What a wonderful Laundry room, Is it strange that I think the egg cartons are beautiful? lol I Love Laundry, and envy your clothesline outside. I will have one someday.


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