Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More Home Organizing!

Once you get the *organizing bug* in you, it can be hard to stop! I decided to organize my spice cupboard (which I have done before but had gotten untidy over time). I like to use inexpensive trays and containers from the Dollar Tree and Aldi to contain things! :)

I like to always keep my days planned out...this was from Monday and if I took another picture, you would see Tuesday all filled out as well! :)

Under my kitchen sink needed a bit of a overhaul...

I tidied under the bathroom sinks as well (I think only women read here...but excuse the feminine products! It's a necessity!). The red box holds hair ties and the black box on top of it hold my essential oils. The box to the right of them is Chris's hair clipper kit. :) Although I organized the upstairs bathroom as well, I forgot to take photos.

The little cupboard next to the toilet holds extra toilet paper. The drawer on it holds Chris's "stuff"...extra pens and things from his pockets. It's just designated "his" drawer and I don't mess with it!

Here are photos of how I organize my towels. I have used this method for quite some time now...

All our body towels (and bath mats which are rolled on the sides) fit perfectly and neatly on these shelves. I use the top shelf to store our medicines and vitamins...

And finally, just some pictures from here at home...

Family Bible reading time after supper.

 The basket on this little table holds our keys so we can just grab them on our way out...or plop them in when we get home. :)

I finally hung the picture of Ruthie that my aunt gave me. I miss her but love looking at her on this canvas print! :) It looks so lonely right there on the wall...but it works (for now)...

And last but not least...just some window pictures of Stella. She sprawls out and sleeps in some crazy positions! She often sits with (or should I say *on*) me...sprawled across my legs! She's so fun!

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I think I *may* start officially planning our homeschool year today. I am not totally ready to say good-bye to summer...but I feel the need to get everything in order. We'll see what happens. I have been keeping up with housework and doing some deep cleaning/organizing as I am definitely staying busy! :) How's your week going?

I hope the rest of your week is enjoyable! As always, thanks so much for dropping by!

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  1. You made me laugh about not messing with Chris's drawer. Chuck has a small plastic container just inside from the garage door and a basket on the table by his chair. Like you, I don't mess with it! When it starts to get out of control I might gently hint that it could use a good tidy. Once I drop the hint he generally straigtens it within the week. Things are looking nice and tidy around your place!

  2. Always enjoy glimpses into your homelife and what you've been up to.

    I am definitely getting the itch to organize! lol.

    You have inspired me!

  3. Love you home - humble, beautiful and peaceful. I love your blog x

  4. You are just on a roll! Everything looks great. I find that writing out what I want to get done each day really helps to accomplish more.

  5. things are looking good. You inspired me to start organizing as well. you can read about it on todays post.

  6. Hi Katy,seems like a long time since I've left a comment on your blog. My days lately have been consumed with planning a move, yes you read that right we will be moving!! Not to your neck of the woods but out of this cesspool they call California. We will be moving to Eastern Idaho near Idaho Falls. It is just beautiful there. I do have plans on going through our home to get it ready to put on the market this coming spring. I love all your pictures especially of your little kitties, enjoy your organizing and it looks great. Blessings,Joann

  7. Delightful, as always, Katy. Your blog posts continue to be a breath of fresh air. What a ministry you have here. God be with you! My husband and I have decided that I can come home full time to what will soon be an empty nest! I'm so grateful. There are so many household priorities that I need to catch up on. Your blog is one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

  8. I like those container things under your sink for the SOS scrubbies... I'll have to see if I can find some! That's a good idea!


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