Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The 4th of July!

Today is actually the 5th of July...but this post is all the happenings of our long weekend! :) First and foremost, I have people ask to see pictures of me in my posts....but truly, I am always the one on the *other* end of the camera! So, since I had a good hair day yesterday, I took a picture to share (It's still so embarrassing to post a "selfie"). It was rainy for the second half of the day and my curls just loved it! They bounced into spirals and stayed that way! :)

Sunday (the 3rd) we went to church and then came home for some lunch and a quick nap. That evening was the big annual picnic at our pastor's home. It is full of a lot of fellowship, food, and fun! One year, I somehow became the designated photographer and it stuck! I took a ton of pictures...but I am just sharing a few of the *further away* ones since not everyone wants their face plastered on the internet! ;)

Children enjoyed taking turns riding on the pastor's tractor train (I wish I would have fit in one of those little cars! I would have loved a ride too!!)...

Isn't that so fun?

Getting ready to pray and eat...

Although we are into July and have had some much warmer days, that evening wasn't bad at all (temperature wise) so I wore a pair of jeans (mostly to protect my legs from bug bites...they like to eat me alive!), a light 3/4 length sleeve shirt and my croc flip-flops (which I wear out until they die....and actually, they broke *at* that picnic!)...

I am not sure if anyone got a head count, but there were a lot of people there....all that we knew! Pretty good for just a small country church! Everyone in attendance was either a member of the church or at least attends Wednesday evening services/bible studies...

These two walked past me while I was chatting with a friend and I had to snap a picture...isn't that just darling?

We ate, visited, laughed, played, and just totally enjoyed the evening all to the glory of God! I am not a huge fan of picnics...but this truly is my favorite one of the whole year! Sooo many of my favorite people all in one place! Can't beat that! :)

Most people stayed until the darkness sets in. Then it's time for fireworks!

All the lights looked so pretty at night...

Many of the teenagers watching the fireworks... (can you tell there were water balloon battles?)...

Yesterday, my sister and her family came to town for the parade! My sweet nieces...

Although Eloise has severe food allergies, the girls have fun picking up the candy. At the end of the parade, they give the bag of it all to another family to enjoy! :) There's Cory and his girls...

Chris's family brings their horse and buggies through the parade every year!

Chris and our brother-in-law (the one who helped us renovate our addition) were the, um, *scoopers* behind the horses (teehee)...

Chris walked over to see Eloise, Dinah and Audra real quick before making his way through the parade (Jaxson is in the wagon...you can see him just to the left of Chris's head. He's in the teal shirt and top hat)...

There they go!

Madelyn and Xavier rode through the parade on the back of my dad's tiltbed and threw candy (the banner on the side is scripture!). You can also see Audra there pretending to talk on a phone!..

After the parade, after taking care of the horses and all, Chris and the kids went to his parents' pavilion for a picnic while (party-pooper that I am) I came home, had a quick bite to eat and then took a nap. They came home in the later afternoon to rest and have down time and then that evening we went to a pie auction that benefits a local volunteer fire company. Our brother-in-law and his dad are auctioneers and they were the ones doing it. Chris bought a lemon pie (he loves lemon)! :)

So, there you have it! Our fun-filled 4th of July! Of course, it's nothing over-the-top...just small town, country fun. Simple. I like it that way. Plus, I love all the memories....which is why I post about them. I don't want to forget! :)

I hope your weekend was full of enjoyment! :) Thanks for sharing in mine!



  1. You are a pretty lady inside and out!
    Your nieces have grown, they are adorable.
    The picnic sure sounds fun.
    I would not "like" cleaning up after the horses!
    Hope the rest of your summer is just as enjoyable!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Our Fourth weekend started out camping but the rains came and we headed home.

  3. What a great photo of you Katy!

    Your sweet nieces are growing up - they are so cute!

    I'm not a huge picnic fan either but there are a few I like. Your church picnic looks like fun, and that tractor train! So clever!

    I like small town, simple life.


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