Friday, July 22, 2016

A Little Desk Organization

My desk had become a bit untidy over time. I decided it was a great time to give it a good cleaning.

The binder that you can see sitting on the desktop is my address book. I like to keep it handy so I can refer to it whenever I need to send a card, thank-you note or letter. :)

Inside my desk I reorganized all the pens, pencils, markers and office supplies...

I love opening the drawers and seeing everything "in it's place"! :)

While keeping busy with my housekeeping and organizing ~ I have been burning a Salted Caramel Cupcake candle from Goose Creek Candles. It smells delicious! It really gives that cozy feeling in the living room (and you can also see my planner and case ~ I had been doing a bit of planning in my bullet journal)...

Remember those zucchinis Madelyn grew? So far, she has put one to great use and made zucchini bread...

It is *finally* raining here...and we need it! I am quite grateful! I know lots of areas are in desperate need of rain and I pray it comes to you as well! Droughts are awful!

I have some running to do today as well as some housework ~ so I better get busy! Have a great weekend friends!


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  1. Good morning, Katy! Your desk looks so neat and tidy. It always feels so good to tidy up! Enjoy your weekend, and "yay" for rain. We're finally getting it here too.

  2. Katy, I did the same thing this morning! My desk, which is in the kitchen unfortunately, was becoming quite the eye sore! That zucchini bread looks amazing!

    Grace & Peace

  3. Good job, Madelyn! The bread looks great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I think having a clean and tidy desk really helps me keep focus in my devotions and planning! I also like to keep cards handy to send a little note near or far...
    Tell your sweet daughter her bread looks delicious and I love it as one of my all time favorites!
    Hope you get more rain as we know what a drought feels like! We also are praying for rain in our area!
    JOY... Roxy

  5. Your desk looks beautiful both inside and out. Love the prim look!
    Having things organized and in order is such a joy.
    Yum...That bread looks delicious.
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  6. Love the drawers and spaces in your desk.
    Enjoy your weekend!


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