Monday, September 25, 2017

A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen! I suppose the title of this post isn't totally accurate. Kitchens can't be happy...but women who *work* in those kitchens can! :o) I try to keep my kitchen in a general cleaned-up state. I clean up as I go when I cook or bake. Dishes are done often  and I wipe my counters *numerous* times a day! My island can be a bit of a catch-all though and it drives me bonkers! Even with just a few papers on there it looks so messy! I took the time to sort through and organize any things on the island (and have the children put away their belongings...I remind them that the island in the kitchen isn't the place for their sunglasses....even if it is called an *island*! haha!).

I am posting these pictures (and words) because I wanted others to see a normal, less-than-perfect kitchen. It isn't magazine-worthy. The cupboards and counters aren't made from expensive wood or marble. The island was bought at a consignment-type store. It's old and the paint is peeling in a couple places. My floors are *not* pretty to look at....(honestly I would love to rip them up and get to the wood floors beneath but that will be a LOT of work that we don't have time for right now). So ~ I said all that *not* to complain (at all)! But just to show you that a less-than-awesome kitchen can be clean, tidy and look (at least to me) appealing just because it is well-kept. 

You don't need a lot of money to have a clean kitchen. All it takes is some elbow grease and sweat! If you constantly work at keeping it tidy and well-organized it doesn't take much time at all!

Side Note: I got that little CD player inexpensively. I have a Return to Me soundtrack in it right now which I play quite often. It has Dean Martin, Jackie Gleason and others playing on it and I *love* it! Return to Me is one of my favorite movies actually! I think they have the whole thing on Youtube if you want to watch it!

I gotta run! Things to do! I just wanted to pop in and share the joy of a clean kitchen. I know some people (my daughter is in this category) clean up after all is said and done....when it is overwhelming. Whether it be in the kitchen or with anything you do.... I encourage you to clean as you go. It makes everything a whole lot easier! And definitely keep your kitchen tidy! It makes it a joy to be in, cook in, sing and dance in (along with Dean Martin), and spend time with family in. The kitchen can be such an important part of a home. You'll enjoy it more if it's *clean*!

Have a great week! I hope you found encouragement here!!


  1. Hi Katy, I agree. Having a clean kitchen feels so good, and waking up to one is even better. Return to me is one of my all time favorite movies having a scar I can relate so much to them as a couple, when that movie first came out my older sister called me and said you have to watch this movie- its you! Have a great day

  2. Yes. Just Yes.
    I love your kitchen.
    And I agree.
    I clean as I go...
    And I keep ours tidy, as that is the heart of our home.
    Thank you for the cozy visit here today.
    Have a lovely evening. : )

  3. Agree! I am in my kitchen literally all day long it seems. I feel like I'm constantly washing dishes, sweeping the floor or wiping counters. I have always loved your cozy kitchen. Clean doesn't cost a dime!

  4. A clean kitchen makes me happy! I agree that cleaning as you go is the way to go.

  5. You have a beautiful inviting kitchen! One doesn't need a magazine kitchen, but one that glows with the love that flows through it!
    I love that you clean as you go, I try to do that as well. Once I read a post from a sweet older lady who "polishes her countertops". (wipes them down) and I think of that as I seek to keep mine clean.
    I hope you have a beautiful day!

  6. I agree! I try so hard to keep ours picked up and clean. I am overwhelmed right now with the house because we have been so busy with other things and this new job is making it difficult for me to catch up, but I will.

  7. You have a cute kitchen; I have always liked it. A lot of people with magazine worthy kitchens don't even use them!

  8. Ours has been painted recently and this Thursday, it's going to get a deep clean. And I agree with you: a clean Kitchen is a happy kitchen!
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. I love your kitchen it always makes me love what is important! A willing heart to love the home and to feed those we love!!
    And I agree it does not have to be all that expensive stuff! I do not want to burden my dear Hubby with something that he has to work extra just to pay for something newer or prettier!
    And most those kitchens do not have the love for cooking or family in them!
    Blessings Dear Katy...
    Always, Roxy

  10. How do you get the music on your blog? I would love to do that to mine!

    1. If you click the link on the player at the top of my blog...where it says WikPlayer it will tell you what to do!


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