Monday, July 24, 2017

Of Tea Parties, Babies, and Banjos!

Good morning friends! :) I have much to do today but I wanted to quickly share some photos of lately while I had some time! 

Madelyn and Jaxson wanted to have a tea party and they invited Xavier to attend as well...

They had little sandwiches, apples, raisins, cranberries and tea (of course!)...

Jaxson always cracks me up when he wears his "mad hatter" hat...and where more appropriate to wear it than to a tea party!?

Last week, Madelyn and I were able to carve out some time to drive over to my sister's place and visit with the girls and their newest addition...little Dusty...

Oh how wonderful it was to snuggle this wee one! He is just *super* sweet!

Don't worry...I did share him *a little bit* with Madelyn...

Because of Dusty's birth and then a sickness that had hit their house ~ they couldn't make it to Madelyn's 16th birthday they had fun giving her gifts while we were there. Aunt Devon also made her a blueberry cobbler!

We harvested our first little batch of green beans the other day and had them with supper. They are absolutely perfect!! These were just from some of the plants in our raised beds. We have more planted in the big garden that I will can when they are ready!

The photo below is a bit blurry...but if you would like to watch the video of X playing his banjo (at our local county fair this weekend) you can go HERE. He won second place! :)

So that's a little peek into our days. We have been keeping mom hasn't been well so caring for her has been top priority this past week. The normal jobs of being a wife, mother and homemaker have been tended to daily as well!

It's hard to believe we are almost to the end of July! The time is flying by much quicker than I would like. We usually start our schooling we'll be preparing for that soon. Madelyn would like to get her driver's permit as she's been taking online practice tests in preparation. People are growing and days are flying by and it's just so bittersweet! Even when trying to enjoy the little moments...they are gone before I know it!

Thanks for visiting! I've got clothes out on the line, the bed is made and there is more to do!

I gotta run! Have a great week!


  1. Great pictures! Madelyn looks like a mini you holding little Dusty - who is quite handsome!


  2. Glad to see X participating in the county fair. I just wrote a post encouraging those that do not go to their local fair to go and mention to a child that is involved in 4 H just how special they are. It seems to me that our fair is losing it's thrill and most kids aren't willing to do the work that comes with farming, caring for animals, projects, etc.

  3. Hello!
    I enjoyed visiting here today...
    Such lovely memories!

  4. What a lovely tea party. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. you look so happy holding that baby.

  5. The tea party looks like fun. Dusty is adorable! I raise small amounts of food in our raised beds and then a larger amount to can in the big garden too. I like doing it that way. I just wanted to let you know if you would like to visit my blog you cannot click on the link at the top of my comment. For some reason, it does not take you to my blog. You have to type in the address.

  6. A beautiful little baby, I remember when their first was born!
    Time surely does fly.
    So glad that he placed at the fair!
    Loved the tea party photos.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's health, Katy. I love that your kids throw impromptu tea parties. It makes me want to have one, seeing your picnic table all set up. :) I am also in awe of the fact that it is almost August. I am NOT ready to jump into a new school year yet! UGH!

  8. I love the tea party! How fun. Hope your mom is doing better! I feel that life is growing and flying as well. It is bittersweet!

  9. She's 16 already? Just where does the time go?! I'm enjoying catching up on your blog!

  10. Beautiful post! I remember going to tea parties as a child to my grandma’s place. It was always a superb idea to go there. We love her a lot. We are also giving her a surprised birthday party on her 70th birthday this month in one of the San Francisco venues. I am sure she will love it.


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