Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Smiles in July ~ Celebrating! I know the picture above is a silly one of us...there's a better one later in this post! ;) We spent July 4th at a local parade and then spent that evening at our church's annual 4th of July picnic at our pastor's house! I take lots of pictures there to share with the church so that means there are never any pictures that I am in (which is really ok with me....truly!) but I would at least like the proof when we look back in later years that I was actually there! So, a selfie with my love would have to suffice! Cheese! (My hair was down earlier in the day....but it was quite hot as the day wore up in a tail it went!)

I'm just sharing a few pictures from that night....they are the darker ones so as to protect the privacy of anyone who doesn't want their photo out in the blog-o-sphere! This was after supper...getting ready for some fun fireworks! Our pastor's wife hands glow sticks out every year to all the children! She loves to do it and they love to get them!

All the children lined up to watch...

My nephew, Dusten, turned ONE this past weekend! I can't truly fathom how little Dusty has become a toddler already! He goes, goes, goes! He's so much fun! How did we ever live life without him around? He is such a joy! 

(Although I am handling the idea of him turning one a little easier than the fact that my Madelyn turns 17 this week!! What!? I know what you are thinking!!! I think it every day! How is that even possible!? I think she was 6 or 7 when I started this blog! If you've been here with me a've watched her grow up too! Be still my heart!)

Chris talking to our niece, Audra.... (she told him she didn't want him to go home....she would miss him! Isn't that so sweet!?)...

Me with my love...

Dinah-girl trying to see what things looked like through the colors of the balloons!

The birthday boy himself (I would have more pictures....but my sister was busy so I took pictures for her on her camera and didn't get as many on mine!)....

Madelyn is in a courting relationship (always have a chaperone) with a young man that we know through our homeschool co-op. He is just delightful, kind, and funny! He has a great sense of humor! He loves the Lord and has even prayed with Madelyn! His name is Isaac and Chris nicknamed him Zeke (for I-Zeke)! He has graduated and will be heading to college shortly. He won't be too far away. They are both seeking the Lord's will with this relationship but would both like to see it come to marriage one day!

I said (randomly at our co-op one day) to Madelyn.....that Isaac is such a sweet boy! He is kind and helpful and just has a great character. I kinda smiled at her...and she was like "oh MOM!"....months later they began talking more...and more and then one day Isaac asks permission to spend more time with Madelyn to get to know her more!

Oh my....parenting is no easy thing! Pointing your children to Christ, teaching them love, morals, kindness, selflessness, and servanthood along with book learning, homemaking skills (and more) is *such* a joy though! Watching your children blossom into young adults...(feeling like I was just there myself not long ago...although it really *was* 20 years ago!) is an amazing thing. I am so thankful to God for the gift that is my Madelyn. Her heart is sweet and she is a wonderful, lovely young woman! I am incredibly blessed to call her mine. Life wouldn't be this good without her in it!

I'm sorry my posting has been so far and long between each one. Life just keeps happening....I blink and another day has gone by and sometimes seems to go faster and faster. Although I am cherishing my days right now....I do admit that I miss my littles actually being "little"! If your children are small yet, please enjoy them! They really aren't little very long. Love them, teach them...bring them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Of course, I must plug here: if you can ~ homeschool them! Don't give them to the gov't institution for 6 to 8 hrs a day! Be in their them, guide them, love them and nurture them. These years are critical! And though the days can be crazy *will* miss them. :) Most importantly ~ pray for your children and thank God continually for them.

It's getting late...I have had a busy day of working out early (and hard)...home to do housework/chores as well as some organizing projects. Chris and his brother worked on the back porch this evening after work and I made them grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for supper! Madelyn went to church tonight and the boys have been riding their bikes around! It's now closing in on 9:30pm and I am ready to hit the hay!

I thank you for taking the time to stop by today and visit me! I hope your July has started off beautifully! I hope you will stop by again real soon!



  1. Hello Dear Katy,
    I've been away from blogging for quite some time and I must say I've so enjoyed "catching up" with your blog. Your writings are always a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord.

    1. Thank you Mrs B! I hope your summer is being well enjoyed! :)

  2. Katy, a lovely post ;) I cannot believe how Madelyn has grown! She looks a beautiful young WOMAN, she also looks very happy. Best wishes to you all from Jackie xx

    1. Thank you Jackie! :) Sending best wishes to you and yours as well! :)

  3. Oh no, I must say I was so shocked to see the news of Madelyn in a courting relationship but I couldn’t be more pleased! I’m like you though, how can it possible be time??? My oldest will be 16 this year and it’s just crazy and sad, happy, all the mixed feelings going on! So proud of Madelyn! Keep us posted. ;) Happy July, loved the selfie! You look great!

    1. Haha! I was shocked myself that it was all happening! :) Thank you for your kind words Monica! :) Have a lovely rest of summer!

  4. I love reading your blog. My daughter got married 7 months ago after courting for a year. She was your daughters age when she started hers. They courted the same way never alone. It was nice doing it that way. After they were engaged they were able to go someplaces alone but they chose not too. Its hard sometimes to watch them grow up.

    1. That's wonderful to hear Chelle! :) It is definitely bittersweet watching them grow into the young men and women God created them to be! :)

  5. Katy, you have a beautiful smile; it radiates joy! I so enjoyed reading your thoughts on your sweet Madelyn and the courting experience. Good plan. Though mine is younger , I feel the same way with my 9 yr old, Natalie, thanking God each (very busy!!!) day with her and knowing life would not be as sweet, funny or interesting without this kind little soul that I've been entrusted with. What an honor to teach her about God and life! So glad to hear this thought resonates in other's lives as well. OK, enjoy your sweet family and the last 1/2 of summer! Paige

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