Saturday, June 17, 2017

Raised Bed Gardening 2017

My raised beds are both doing pretty well this year! I am so excited to have things growing and thriving! I have been keeping them weeded and cared for as much as I can. I take time every day to weed, water and tend to them.

Madelyn planted the zucchini and I have peas, radishes, beets, green beans, pumpkins and MORE planted! :)

Some of my seeds didn't sprout, unfortunately. So, some of my plants are sporadic in areas.

 This was planted with rows of green you can see not all of the seeds came up but I replanted some more seeds and they are coming up now too! (We also have three LONG rows of green beans growing at our big garden! Our corn didn't grow *at all*....frustrating!)...

Gardening is hard work...lots of sweat and energy go into my gardens *but* it is SO worth it! Fresh food...and just seeing the plants grow is so rewarding!

While I was weeding and gardening last evening...Jaxson was drawing in the driveway!

Chris has been working on the roof phase of the back porch! It is super exciting! :) We both can't wait to get to sit on our back porch together and watch the children play out in the yard! It's truly the sweet, simple things that give us joy!

 The days have been busy lately but definitely joy-filled. It looks like it is to be a beautiful day here today ~ again. Chris and Xavier are working at our Brother-in-Love's auction (he and his father are auctioneers...Chris has been working with them for years and years...and now X is old enough to help too!). I have much to accomplish today as well! I best get moving! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for visiting me! I would love to hear about any gardening you are doing!

Katy :)


  1. What a wonderful garden you have! How exciting to see it growing more and more. We moved to the country and no longer have much of a place for the kids to draw in the driveway anymore (gravel isn't as nice). I love to see what the kids make, like seeing a world through their eyes. It also looks like it won't be long before you are enjoying your new porch. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Such an exciting time, when the vege garden is planted. I was impressed that you find time each day to weed the garden. My garden looks very weedy at the moment..I have sadly neglected it. Your blog encouraged me to make more time for it (even if the weather in NZ is cold). Blessings to you ~ Linda

  3. I love raised garden beds and yours look great! :)

  4. I have raised beds too! After years of traditional gardening, they are so much easier and more productive. Visiting from #modestmommondays

  5. Great pictures! Jaxson is very talented!

  6. I did raised beds this year.... loving it. Your beds look great. Enjoy the fresh veges!!

  7. I love our raised beds! Yours look great!

  8. I was so happy to find your blog again. It has been several years since I have been active in the blogging world. I look forward to reading all your posts and getting caught up with all that has been happening in your world. We are using raised beds also. I hope to get back into blogging again. I just need to learn how to put pictures from my phone over to my blog. Then I can do post. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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