Monday, August 26, 2019

Birthdays, First Day of School and More!

 Hello friends! :)

It has been a wonderful August. We've had super hot days as well as lovely comfortable days (like's in the 70's with sunshine!). We've enjoyed slowness and busyness! Each day is different!

One exciting thing is that Xavier turned 16 in the middle of August! He had a cookout with some friends and had a really nice time! Chris grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and it was overall just an enjoyable evening! X is now anxiously awaiting me to take him to get his driver's permit! Ack! I feel like I was just doing this with Madelyn yesterday! Someone slow down the clock!

My sister, her husband and children moved to a bigger house this month as well. My mom was over there a lot to help....I drove over a few times when I could to help as well (She lives 45 minutes or so it takes quite a chunk of the day to travel there and I couldn't get there all the time). They are settling in well and I think this new house is just great for them! I am really happy for them!

While a lot of area public schools started children actually began schooling last week. It is Madelyn's senior year. I'm not quite sure how to fathom I feel like I just graduated (although we had our 20 year class reunion a week or two ago already! haha! Class of '99). Xavier is a sophomore and Jaxson is in 8th grade. As you can see below...Madelyn didn't want her picture taken on the first day of school....(don't all my children just looked thrilled to be back to the books? haha)

My birthday was this past weekend. I had a glorious day! Truly! I started out with a workout (as usual) but it was even better because Chris came in to lift with me. We try to lift together most Saturdays. I sure love my man! I workout every day....but getting to workout with your other half is *the best*!

We got some home projects done that day, the weather was amazing....then he took me to the next town over where we got supper, shopped at TJ Maxx for a little bit and then he took me to look for a bicycle at Walmart! I've been wanting a bike...not a mountain bike....but a road bike that I can go long distances on if I want and maybe compete with. We couldn't find one that was sized right for me or that I we'll keep looking. Honestly, the cruiser bikes are *so* cute and I would LOVE one of those...they have them in cute colors and a basket on the front! But I want something I can really move those won't work for me, unfortunately!

38 doesn't feel too bad, I must admit. I thought getting older would be depressing....but it's really not! It's bittersweet to realize how the time passes quickly and my children grow and change so fast...but at the same time, I love how the Lord teaches me things as I age....I love to grow in wisdom and knowledge. Plus, Chris and I are so perfectly matched....I honestly praise God for him Our relationship grows and intertwines us so beautifully. I have been with him over half my life. There isn't anyone else I'd rather be with. *swoon*

The little cupboard in our kitchen that we have been using as an island for years worked well...but it always felt too low to me. I asked Chris if we could get a butcher block to put on top. Low and behold...he found the top to our old island in the garage. He sanded it down really well and it fits perfectly on top of our cupboard island! I am over the moon about it! It makes for a much nicer island! :) You can also see, in the background there, flowers and a gift certificate from my children (for my birthday). They all chipped in together and got me a gift certificate to get my nails done. I never spend money on that sort of they wanted to treat me! It'll be fun to get a little pampered!

Yesterday, we had a lovely time worshiping the Lord at church in the morning. Came home to have lunch and a nice nap. I got up and ran and did some ab work and then showered so we could head out to a game night with family friends of ours! We had such a great time! Lots of laughter, talking and fun (and the guys had a good time target shooting with their bows). So, so grateful for the brothers and sisters in Christ the Lord has put in our's so nice to have great friends with so much in common! :)

Today I have gotten my workout in this I need to go out and work on mowing the back yard....(Kids are working on their schooling right now!)...but quickly, I wanted to share a few of the new sticker listings in my shop! They are great for use in your planner, on your calendar and more! Since we are basically a single income family...this just helps me to earn a little extra to add to the budget each month. :o)

Thank you for visiting! I pray your August has been wonderful as well....although that's not meaning every day is perfect and glorious...but trying to find the joy in each day the Lord gives us makes for happier days, weeks, months and years!

I hope you will visit again soon!


  1. You've been busy! Happy birthday!

  2. Great pictures! Happy Birthday! You get lovelier with each passing year!


  3. Hi Katy, just me again. Joann in Idaho. the other day I left a message for you about my email problems, I am so sorry but I think you sent me an email I seen it on my phone but I was on my way to town for groceries and when I got back home . The email was gone. Would you possibly be able to resend it? I so appreciate your paitence with me. I am so compter/phone illiter. We did get our new washer and dryer delivered today and of course I had to do at least one load of laundry. Thanks for your understanding. Blessings,Joann


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