Tuesday, August 28, 2018

"Because conduct determines character...

...and character determines conduct, it's vitally important - extremely necessary - that we practice godliness every day. That's why Peter said, "Make every effort to supplement your faith with....godliness" (2 Peter 1:5-6). There can be no letup in our pursuit of godly character. Every day that we're not practicing godliness we're being conformed to the world of ungodliness around us. Granted, our practice of godliness is imperfect and falls far short of the biblical standard. Nevertheless, let us press on to know Christ and be like Him."

~ Jerry Bridges, Holiness Day by Day (emphasis mine)

Dark rainy days call for soft, warm candlelight indoors!

In the dining room...

Since I last posted, we celebrated X's 15th birthday as well as my 37th birthday! We both had simple, enjoyable birthdays!  My aunt gave me these beautiful hardy mums... (they can be planted after I display them for a bit and they will come back yearly! Woohoo!)...

 My parents got me hickory tables to match the rocking chairs that Chris gave me for my birthday last year!! The tables are on the outer sides of the rocking chairs. It looks like I missed photographing the one table! But it looks almost identical to the one below...

I just love them! Let the porch sitting commence! 

 A beautiful day...

Another exciting thing 'round here has been the purchasing and installing of new windows for our upstairs rooms in the older part of the house. This was necessary for numerous reasons....the old windows were just terrible...letting in cold air and bugs (plus, the old windows weren't pretty!). 

Chris and his bestest bud (our BIL who I has helped us with *numerous* home projects) worked on putting them in! Now...when Chris has time, he can put the trim around the windows and get the dormers/front of the house sided! Who knows if that will happen soon or not...but I am just thrilled that we are making some progress!

See...here is one of the dormers with the old windows in...

And here are the new windows in...

Here's the other dormer with the new windows already in. I can't wait until these can be sided! The house will just look so much nicer and neater! ...

Chris is inside the window...and our BIL is standing in front as they put in the new window on the front upstairs room! The new windows look so bright and contrast greatly with the weathered wood around them! Haha!

Jaxson was doing some drawing outside with his cousin by his side...

There are always clothes out drying on the lines when the sun is out!

After a long day....an evening snack...

 The days have been full, busy and enjoyable! They aren't days of total exertion...but rather busyness that keeps us from idleness. That's the good-sort of busy in my opinion! We're never too busy to help or serve others. We aren't running in a million different directions....but rather we fill our time with schooling, housework, exercising, serving, and working on projects. Many of these things are enjoyable (even if they are difficult) tasks that we must accomplish. :) Housework isn't necessarily "fun"...but knowing we are accomplishing things, getting things clean and tidy and maintaining the things God has blessed us with is a joy. And although my children will tell you schoolwork isn't "enjoyable"...there are aspects of it that *are*...for instance ~ getting back into a routine is great...and them being excited to learn new things is awesome as well! :)

Speaking of busyness ~ I better get going! There are things to do and they aren't getting done while I am here on the computer! :) It's a beautiful, sunny day (although it's suppose to get quite hot!). It's a good day to have laundry out on the line and get things done before it gets too hot outside! :)

I hope your days have been going well (even the ones full of trials). Always remember that the Lord uses the trials in our lives to make us more like Christ. My days have not been perfect (nor did I expect them to be) but just as Romans 5:3-6 tells us ~ suffering and trials produces endurance which produces character...and hope! Through it all we know that Christ is for us! What a comfort this is to believers!

Thank you for stopping by today. I'm sorry my postings have been very infrequent. Days just seem to slip by and I don't even realize it! :) Grace and peace to each of you! I hope you will stop by again soon!



  1. Happy Birthday and your porch is wonderful! Those tables and chairs are gorgeous! Congrats! on the new windows, they look great.

  2. Happy Birthday! The porch looks very inviting and I am excited to say that your home looks as beautiful as always. I have been really busy too. I must get moving as I have to have my kitchen done so my husband can put a new water heater in tomorrow.

  3. Love the quote you posted at the beginning of this blog entry. Happy belated birthday to you and 'X'. Your house always looks so warm, cozy and inviting. ~ Karen in Canada

  4. It’s all coming together! :) we have a fixer upper as well so I can relate! Happy birthday, love your porch. So proud for you!

  5. Happy Birthday :) We also live in an old home (built 1880), and I know how wonderful it is to finally see a job completed when one has been waiting on for a while !! The windows indeed look great..I love the whole design of them! Your house is just adorable and I especially love the outdoor porch rockers and table. Many blessings to you ~ Linda


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