Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"And the Spring arose on the garden fair...

...Like the Spirit of love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."

~Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Complete Poems

We have been so busy enjoying and using this beautiful spring weather! I thought we may never make it through that long and tedious winter....but here we are ~ spring at last! The birds are singing, the sun is shining and smiles are abounding! It's so much easier to be cheerful when the weather is so delightful, don't you think? 

We've been washing siding (from mildew that can grow during those cold months), mowing the lawn (which grows so quickly!), hanging out loads and loads of clothes on the lines, and doing all of the normal housework! The children are finishing up their school year (they have their required days in but we are finishing up some lessons I want to get done with them). 

Madelyn has been working for Chris's parents, doing childcare at the Y, and babysitting infant twins and a toddler for a friend of mine! X works at my dad's garage a lot and helps Pa down at the meat market (he especially loves to mow on the tractor!). Jaxson just bought a digital camera (with his own money that he had saved) and has been trying out a lot of stop-animation with his Legos! It's so bittersweet to watch my children grow, mature and change! I sure miss them being little ~ but oh the joy in seeing how the Lord uses the gifts He has given them! 

Today is another beautiful day...the sun is shining and the temperature is so comfortable! I've already been to the gym for my daily workout and took Xavier to my dad's body shop/garage to work for the day. Laundry is out on the lines, dishes have been washed and I've been working at mowing the lawn. It seems so much easier to get tasks done when the sun is shining! :)

I'm looking forward to getting into the gardens. I know many people have things already planted...I haven't started yet though. I also can't wait until we can go to our favorite local greenhouse to get flowers to plant around the house! I'm afraid we could still have a frost so I hate to get all the flowers out too early!

 We will be working on projects on our home through the summer. The porch needs finished and Chris would like to work on/finish putting siding on the dormers of the house! We've been working at cleaning out and organizing our garage as well! What a great feeling it is to declutter and get things organized!

I've been continuing on my health/weightloss journey! I exercise daily (cardio as well as weight lifting) and track my food intake. I am lower in weight now than when I got married! I'm almost at the weight I was when I graduated high school! It feels good to be more fit! I have more energy and definitely feel more feminine! If you desire to lose weight....or just get more fit...I definitely recommend first watching what you eat! That's the most important part. It's *so* easy to consume more calories than you think you are!

Don't let exercise scare you! Don't be intimidated! Go out for a walk...pick up your pace and go further each time! Go to the gym and use the elliptical (it's much nicer on the joints)! Don't be intimated by anyone else that is there! You are there to get healthy ~ that's what is important! Try water aerobics if you have bad joints. Or take a class while you are there! Just get moving! Actually, I have found that friends at the gym are some of the most encouraging and supportive people when helping you reach your goals! :o)

You don't want to be vain or make your body an idol (so we shouldn't be obsessive about our appearance) ~ however, taking care of ourselves glorifies the Lord. Being a glutton does not honor God. It is so easy to be gluttonous, unfortunately. You have to take an active stand against it. You have to be conscious of what you eat and how much of it....just like we have to be careful and conscious of what we say and if our words honor the Lord. Everything we do comes from the heart. If you truly want to honor will make the effort to do so in every way (in eating, speaking, thinking, actions, etc).

I kind of went on a little longer on that than I expected....but I just want to encourage anyone out there who wants to get healthy but just feels stuck. I must admit to you...I feel prettier (even without make up)...because I just feel like I *look* healthier and when my husband looks at me ~ he makes me feel attractive! You don't have to be a certain weight to be attractive....that's not my point at all. There are so many people of so many sizes that are truly lovely. But I think one truly does just feel better overall when you feel fit and healthy! :) I have rambled on long enough. I have things to do so I really must go. Here are some photos from around the house lately that I thought I would like to share...

Last night was Taco Tuesday at our house! Madelyn and Jaxson especially *love* when we have a taco night!

In the kitchen as evening sets in....

 I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather as well! I hope you find encouragement when you stop by here! It is my prayer that you are in God's Word daily and in constant prayer with Him. May He be the true source of all joy in your life. May all you do and say be to glorify Him!

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence,
    for my hope is from him.

He only is my rock and my salvation,
    my fortress; I shall not be shaken.
On God rests my salvation and my glory;
    my mighty rock, my refuge is God.

Trust in him at all times, O people;
    pour out your heart before him;
    God is a refuge for us. Selah

~Psalm 62:5-8



  1. Taco night is our favorite too! I've been experimenting with different meat like shredded chicken but my family prefers beef tacos. It's so good to hear from you Katy.

    1. Hi Regina! :)

      Have you ever tried turkey burger? I like that too! :) That's what I use for me if I have taco meat!

  2. Lovely post, God Bless you all, Jackie x

    1. Thank you Jackie! I pray you are well! :)

  3. Katy, I love visiting your little home on the web. So peaceful and the love shows in every corner!

    Grace & Peace,

    1. Hello Pam! Thank you for your kind words! :) Hope you are enjoying your week!

  4. We have taco Tuesdays at our home also, we use crushed nacho chips and make it into more of a salad. Great pictures, your home looks so inviting and the kids are really growing up and expanding their wings! I setup at your local flea market last weekend (I deal in antiques), I scanned the crowd hoping to see you, but, sadly, I didn't. I'll be there next month, if you get a chance to go.


    1. Yes!!! Taco salads are fantastic too! Yum!! :)

      How fun that you were at my local flea market!! I'll have to try to go!!! :)

  5. Love Taco Night! Thanks for sharing your heart and thoughts on being healthy.


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