Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Home Happiness

~J.R. Miller

It is my great prayer that I fill my home with light, joy, blessing and inspiration! I love that quote above by J.R. Miller. I love a lot of things he said actually! :) You'll find his quotes in many of my blog posts over the years (sometimes used more than once!). In the photo above you'll see flowers from Papa Bull's funeral that were given to a few of us girls/grandkids. I almost didn't make it to his funeral....

Resurrection Day didn't turn out as I had planned. I woke up in the wee hours with a stomach bug (but since no one else in my family got sick I think it may have been something I had of the pieces of lettuce I ate the night before tasted just awful and I believe may have been the culprit!). Since I was sick I didn't get to go to church or any of the family meals/get togethers unfortunately! I was thoroughly disappointed but didn't have a choice in the matter! Papa Bull's funeral was Monday and I praise God that I felt better and was able to go. I needed to be there for Chris...and I am so glad I could be. It was a long, exhausting, emotional day....but it was good. :)

We've still been experiencing winter weather in Western Pennsylvania! It is seriously depressing! I am thankful that I exercise daily as that keeps my spirits up! I was really excited though when last weekend we had a couple warm days in the 70's! I had the windows open and the laundry out on the lines! We spent time outside cleaning leaves out of garden beds and tidying up outside! It was absolutely glorious! :)

 Sunshine! Glorious sunshine!

We celebrated my dad's birthday earlier this week! My sister and her family (that's her hubby in the blue Bills shirt there!) were able to travel to be there too ~ so that was really great (especially since I had to miss seeing them on Resurrection Sunday!).

 Just a few random photos to share from lately...

My boys (aren't they getting so big!?) and me (after taking them to their music lessons one day)....

Me getting to snuggle this cutie-patootie (my nephew Dusty ~ who is now 9 months old and, everywhere! Ack!)...

Supper one evening was homemade sausage gravy and biscuits (Yum! It's one of my favorites....but I refrained and ate a healthy substitute instead)...

We're rounding up the end of our homeschool year. I plan each Friday for the week ahead. I used to leave it until Sunday and then I always felt crunched to get it planned out in time. My friend told me she planned every Friday and a light bulb came on above my head! Why didn't *I* think of that!? It made great sense and works so much better! My weekends feel so much less stressed knowing that is out of the way! :)

Madelyn made rolls for hamburgers for supper one night... don't they look good!? She is going to be one prepared wife! My girl can cook, bake and clean! I'm so proud of the woman she is becoming! The Lord is so good! :)

I gotta run! I knew it had been a while since I posted and I wanted to do so while I had a chance! I'm super excited as a friend from high school is in town so she and I are going to get to visit for a few hours! I haven't seen her in years and years! :) It'll be fun to catch up! I am going to have some lunch and then go pick her up!

I hope you all had a lovely Resurrection Sunday and that your weeks have been filled to the brim with joy and all things done to God's glory! If you're struggling with this "Narnia Weather" (always winter) like I am....hang in there friends! Spring is a comin'!!! Before long we will be busy in our gardens and ready for the heat to cool off! ;)



  1. Katy, You are so beautiful. You always were but I had not been to my blog in a while and looked around, so I didn't know about your weight loss. I know you have worked hard and congratulations.
    I posted some pictures on my blog this morning and wanted to bring my About Me up to date. I cannot figure out how to do it. Can you help me? Thanks, Marie

    1. Oh gosh....Marie, you are much too kind!! Thank you for your kind words! I think you should be able to go to your profile and there is a place to *edit* your profile...?

  2. Another lovely post :) Spring has arrived here in east Anglia uk, I have worked hard in the garden today, its strange while I was cutting the grass today I thought of you! I know you use your grass cutter as part of your work out. Wishing you a lovely weekend a head, God Bless you Jackie xx

  3. That was so kind of you to think of me! :) I am so jealous that you are enjoying nice *spring* weather!!! I can't wait to cut my grass and work in the garden! I hope your week is going great!!! :)

  4. Katy,

    We are still having cold weather, as well. It has been such an odd time with our weather. I guess I shouldn't complain because before I know it, it will be in the triple digits! So sorry about Papa Bull. Praying for peace and comfort for your family.

    Grace & Peace,

    1. Thanks so much Pam! :)

      The sun is shining bright today...and it does my heart good!!! :) I Hope it's shining for you too!

  5. I am struggling with this crazy weather. My life just feels like the walls are closing in. I just returned from vacation though and I am determined to make things better.

    1. I totally understand Carol!! Hang in there!!! The Lord is good and nicer weather *is* coming!! The sun is out here today and it is wonderful!!! I pray it is for you as well!! :)

  6. I love that quote from JR Miller. Thanks for sharing.
    I was wondering if you had tried Gigi's blog lately. I haven't been able to access it and I've enjoyed reading it. I hope all is good with her family.

    1. Hi Debby! Yes, I just got on GiGi's blog yesterday I think! She had someone hack it and had to redo it!! Maybe try again! I think it is fixed now!! :)


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