Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Making the Living Room a Little Cozier!

I am super excited to share a recent *great* buy! I have *always* wanted a braided rug! I love them! I love the cozy look of them and just always felt that one would look right in my home. I have never figured I could afford one however as they were always way above my price range...but I always liked to keep an eye out for a sale (just in case a great one would come along) through the years.

I don't remember how I found it...but JC Penney was having a sale on things in their store (online). I happened to look at their rugs and found that their braided rugs were significantly on sale (I am talking 60% off type of sale!!). I was ecstatic! It was still higher in price than I like to spend on anything (the smaller the price, the better...right?) but it was definitely within a range we could afford. Plus, I shop through ebates (no, this isn't a sponsored post or anything!) and got 10% money back! Seriously! Isn't that amazing!? Plus, it was free shipping! It was such a great deal and when Chris gave me the *O.K.* I bought it! 

I still need to purchase a rug pad for underneath it and hope to get that soon! It's at a store that is the opposite direction than I usually go so I just need to make an effort to get there! I don't think we have the rug centered just how I want it at the moment...but once we get the rug pad and such we'll get it all situated!

I love the look of it and feel that is makes the room cozier!

Madelyn and Jaxson helped me do some rug-switcheroo-ing (Xavier is with his Pop-Pop ~ working at the garage). We took the rug that used to be in the living room and put it into the dining room...

You may notice the table isn't centered above. It drives me bonkers...however if we center it properly it makes it difficult to walk through there to get to the computer/piano room. We do a lot of homeschooling and meals around that table and just needed room to get around it properly. As long as I don't focus on the uncentered-ness of the table...I can tolerate it! ;)

Below you will see the dining room rug that we moved into what we call the "pantry" room. Does it look amazing? No...but that's okay! It works for now! We have soft wood floors in most of the house. They get scratched and torn up so easily. Until (or *if*) we are ever able to afford different flooring having area rugs saves our feet from getting splinters! :)

Thank you for sharing in my excitement with me! I love to get a great I love to make my house a little cozier! Two wins for us this time!

I gotta run! I'll update on my weight loss and fitness goals/successes soon! My husband also turned 39 recently! I'm still trying to process that since I was with him on his 21st birthday as well!! How can 18 years have passed by so quickly!?

Until next time friends,
Katy :)


  1. I'm still enjoying your blog from here in Arkansas...thanks for taking the time to share.....

  2. Katy, your home looks cozy, another lovely post :)

  3. Very nice. I look forward to spring cleaning.

  4. I love the whole look of the living room, yes very cozy and welcoming :) It's always such a blessing to finally get something for our homes that we've always wanted.

  5. Jute braided rugs are my fave. I have them all over. Yours looks great.


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