Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Making Apple Cider 2017!

Although our family is no longer hosting their annual fall festival....we still make cider every year and my inlaws sell it in their meat market! Lots of family and friends come together to help!

 That's my hubby in the back there with the navy blue shirt on. That's our brother-in-love (and Chris's best buddy) in the tan pants.

 We all got together Sunday afternoon after church. We all had lunch together then got to work!

 We went through numerous large box bins of apples!

All the leftover scraps after the apples have had all the juice pressed out of them...

Jaxson, Ma and some of my nephews getting some of the apples into the buckets...

 Xavier takes a turn...

Jaxson enjoys a taste of the cider!

I (along with others) worked inside bottling the cider into gallon and half-gallon jugs!

It makes for a long afternoon...but the Lord blessed us with beautiful weather and an over-all enjoyable day!

I have been in prayer, though, for the families of those murdered in Las Vegas that night as well as for those injured. It was an awful, shocking thing to find out when I woke up Monday morning! Terribly sad and so hard to believe. Watching the video of what happened seemed so unbelievable! I hope you will join me in praying for the loved ones of all involved! What a tragic situation. The world needs the gospel! The world needs Christ!

Thank you, friends, for visiting today. We've been busy with schoolwork, laundry, dishes, stacking wood and lots of other things! I gotta run as there is more to do! Thankfully, supper is in the crockpot (Savory Beef Roast) so that is one less thing to worry about! I hope you will visit me here again soon!



  1. lovely post Katy :) Prayers indeed xx

  2. I'm keeping my eyes open for locally made apple cider. We love it.

    Prayers going up here too.

  3. I am sure making all that cider is a lot of work. It looks like fun, though. I love it when people come together to get a job done.


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