Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Ah, Lovely October, as you usher in the season that awakens my soul...

 ...your awesome beauty compels my spirit to soar like a leaf caught in an autumn breeze and my heart to sing like a heavenly choir."

~Peggy Toney Horton

It's raining. A dreary cold rain...and yet, I sit here quietly completely *thankful* for it! Today has been a day to slow down and snuggle in. I taught spin class this morning and sent out some etsy orders when I got home. Now, after a nice warm shower and getting the laundry started I am able to sit and just relax for a bit. It is quite lovely! Candles are lit throughout the cozy scents and light to the dark corners of the rooms.

My Christopher got a call from our Brother-in-Love last evening. Our BIL is an auctioneer (as is his father). Chris works auctions for them on Saturdays when they need some extra hands! I was looking forward to him being home today...but Dan needed him and it was good for him to go. They are best friends. Dan has been here for us any time we needed and Chris does the same for him. So, he is off working an auction (which he enjoys doing ~ although I hope it isn't raining where they are...that can make it quite miserable!) and will be home later this afternoon or early evening. It depends on how big the sale is/how much stuff there is to sell.

Xavier spent last night at my parents' house. He was helping my mom with things around the house today (since, as mentioned in my previous post, she has one arm in a sling due to a horse bucking her off this past Sunday!). He was also going to work on a couple things for her chicken coop....but I'm not sure that it is happening out in this cold rain. I know my parents enjoy when the children sleepover and spend time with them (and my children like it too!).

Madelyn was here at home but has gone to my inlaws' meat market to help for a bit. One of my husband's uncles had open heart surgery yesterday so Pa (Chris's dad) wanted to go visit with his brother who *praise the Lord* made it through surgery and is recovering at the hospital. So Madelyn took his place the the meat market so he could go. Later I must take her (or maybe she will practice driving since she has her permit) to the Y where she is helping with a party rental. She does childcare at the Y once a week for a couple hours and they are finding other small jobs for her to do there as well! :)

As my children grow, it is a beautiful thing to watch them take responsibilities, help and serve others. It's hard sometimes to realize how quickly they have grown...I miss them being little! But this, too, is a beautiful season of life and I am thankful!

Jaxson is here at home with me. We'll get some housework/chores done and then maybe snuggle in and watch a movie! I got most of their next week of schooling planned yesterday so that's out of the way! I plan (Lord willing) to take this day a little slower...happy for the time to just be *in*doors and focus on my housework and time with my family as they come home one-by-one! I have some painting and house projects I would like to get done....but they are bigger feats that I am not sure I want to tackle today. Some's nice to just enjoy the coziness of *home*! 

It's lunch time and my tummy is a rumblin'! I bet Jaxson's is too! I best get to making some lunch! Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you have a lovely weekend! 



  1. Such a lovely post.
    I feel the same about my children growing...
    It happens so quickly!
    I hope you enjoyed your cozy afternoon at home.
    That is what we have planned for tomorrow. : )

    1. Thank you Billie Jo!! I did...although as much as I enjoy some down also kinda makes me feel blah! Does that make sense?

  2. Sounds like a nice busy weekend for everyone. I would want to be at the auction to bid on cool things!! About your mom and those horses.... she truly believes in getting back up again, doesn't she? ha ha I hope she will be ok soon!

    1. Yes! Auctions can have some great things....but oh the prices some people will bid for things! Usually out of my price range! haha! And yes, my mom definitely gets back up again! Thanks for your kind wishes for her!

  3. Lovely post Katy, I hope your mum recovers very soon, Best wishes Jackie xx

  4. We had a rainy cozy day here as well. I worked on finishing a tiger tail for my daughter's costume, then we cleaned her room and bathroom. I mostly work and she putters. Ha Ha It was nice to see her organizing her dresser top and then actually asking for a dust cloth to dust. Your day sounded very cozy as well! Enjoy Autumn! Paige

  5. It is so interesting that through the course of what seems to be everyday things little glimpses of delight can be had. How wonderful that your children are so helpful and caring!
    I love how you use candles to add a gentle coziness to your home.

  6. Enjoy your day at home! I love those quiet days at home.

  7. Always love your cozy candle pics.


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