Friday, September 8, 2017

What's Cookin'?

So, I've noticed I've gotten into a rut of making a lot of the same meals week after week. I decided to buckle down a bit with my meal planning and try some different recipes!

I've made broccoli cheese soup before but not in quite a while. So this is what we had for supper Wednesday evening! (We went to a picnic Monday evening and had BLTs on Tuesday night!).

Above was before we thickened it a bit. Below is the finished product! Everyone enjoyed it!

 One thing I want to add....I may have posted this before (I don't remember) but one thing I *always* do when I am cooking or baking is to clean up as I go! It is a *must* for me! I constantly wipe counters, put compost in the bowl, throw away trash and wash dishes. This helps so that when I am finished cooking ~ I don't then have to spend another 15 minutes cleaning it all up! Often, I can wash dishes or be wiping counters while something is simmering etc. I even do this while crafting or anything else I may do....I keep things around me cleaned up. I don't leave trash lay around and just generally keep things tidy! It really helps so that things don't get so overwhelming! :)

After making the broccoli cheese soup all I had left to wash was the crock pot I used to keep it warm until Chris got home from work that evening (he was running late). Everything else was washed and tidy as I went...

 Last night I made a chicken pot pie! It was good! It was supposed to be in a pie plate but I didn't feel that would be big enough for our whole I added more veggies to the recipe and then put it in this deeper dish. I had to use extra crust too. Everyone enjoyed it...even my boys! They don't usually like peas (neither do I) and they ate it all right up!! (and there were a ton of peas in there!!!). Success!

And before I go...I just wanted to share our new faucet quickly! Our old one was broken and driving me crazy! The top would fly off when you turned the water on and just needed replacing! Chris gave me permission to get a new one! I was looking at them online and kept asking his opinion...but he kept telling me to get whatever one I wanted! :) So I found one (it arrived in the mail yesterday) ~ and despite him having a long work day yesterday....after supper he put it in for me! I was so excited! :)

It works wonderfully! It's funny how such little things like a faucet can really make me smile! :)

A friend came over to visit for a bit yesterday. It was wonderful~ although a bit chilly outside we both dressed appropriately and sat in the rockers on my back porch! We had a lovely time visiting (and rocking away)!

Do you have any favorite meals you have tried lately? Do you ever find you get in a rut with your meal planning? Please tell me I am not the only one! :) Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend! If you live in Florida or Texas please know that my family and I have been praying for you!



  1. Hello, Katy!
    The soup looks delicious!
    I am loving this time of year...time for cozy soups and such.
    We do indeed tend to make the same type of things often.
    My daughter Peyton and I try to go back to our binder and choose new/old recipes from time to time.
    We live in a rural area, and find it easier to shop for weeks at a time.
    We make a list of meals and write them on a master sheet.
    We don't actually assign a meal to each day until a week before, but that way we can buy everything we need to in one trip. Of course, my husband will make a stop for fresh fruit and veggies and milk in between.
    That was a lot you probably didn't need to know!
    Have a wonderful, cozy weekend.
    Oh...I ADORE your new faucet!!!

  2. I've been in a cooking rut myself. I'm hope that the cooler temps will inspire me. We'll see... I recently tried a new recipe for cubed steak. The whole family loved it!

  3. I have been trying out new soups lately. Soup is so hearty and easy - one pot! I absolutely get into meal ruts at times. Your new faucet is very pretty! It's always the little things that make me smile! I'm grateful for new little touches around our home.

  4. Yep, Rut Central here.
    Tonight we had chili.
    Tomorrow I'll probably grill some marinated chicken breasts I picked up from the store (hopefully they'll be yummy).
    Not sure about that, we have a hurricane headed toward us (will be a TS when it gets here, but strong enough to take out power), so we'll have to see.
    Love your faucet!

  5. Yum Soup! It's wonderful that you make soup for your family, and your pot pie looks delicious to! It is a wonderful skill to have one's kitchen clean like you keep yours! I'm working on it.

  6. Your soup looks so yummy. I will have to add it to my fall soup list. I absolutely get in ruts, even thou I meal plan, have a big recipe binder with a long list of family favorites, I find myself making the same favorites being on a tight budget I try not to try recipe's that have items I do not have on hand or I will not use again soon. I cant wait to make more soups, I love the colder weather. Last night we had tacos and I had beans in the crock pot all day I decided to use up what we had and made my hubby Charro beans. which is a meal in itself but my hubby is a meat and potatoes man so yup you could say we had two meals last night lol Hope you are having a lovely day.


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