Friday, September 15, 2017

Organizing in the Kitchen!

Hello friends! :) Thanks for visiting me here today! We've had a busy week and I bet you have too! We've been doing normal homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, cooking, running errands, teaching spin class, groceries etc. All the things that must get done!

While the children work independently on their schooling, I like to take the time to organize if I can! I found a couple lazy susans at Aldi while getting groceries earlier this week! They were a great price and they worked perfectly for where I wanted to use them!

I used them in my spice cupboard so that it made items more accessible in there! No more knocking things over when you had to reach in the back to get them! :)

I like to keep my kitchen tidy through the I am often washing dishes (the children put them away), wiping the counters and putting dishes in the dishwasher. I also organized in our island yesterday but didn't take any pictures! It's not overly exciting...but knowing it is more organized than it was before makes me happy! :)

Jaxson has been drawing (as usual) and his creations keep getting better and better! It is so exciting to watch the gift God has given him improve!

Mickey likes to be close to us at *all* times. Here he is sleeping in a chair that is in the corner of the dining room (while everyone is doing school in there!). As soon as I walk off to do the laundry or wash the dishes...he is stuck to me like glue! If I sit down, he is on my lap. I am *not* complaining though! I love it! :)

The older two children are out and about...busy helping others (which brings *such* joy to me!)...Jaxson is here with me. Chris got home from work just a bit ago and is now outside working on a chicken coop for my mom. She needed a new one and was going to try and build it herself....but my sweet husband said he would do it! If you follow me on Instagram (link in sidebar) you can see a photo of it! :)

I need to get supper started (my stomach is a rumblin'). I also want to go out and sit on my back porch in one of the rocking chairs and visit with Chris while he works! So I am getting off this computer! ;o) Have a great weekend! Thanks for dropping by!



  1. I haven't blogged in a couple years as I don't have a desktop computer with internet anymore. But have been thinking about you and your family lately...wondering as I've always loved your sweet simple way of life. I had no clue how to ding you again. This morning on my facebook...the on this day section...I had shared a link to your blog!!!! I was like yesssssss!!!! Strangely enough a week ago I was thinking about the way you use to use a planner. So, I researched planners. Guess what kind I ordered? I was so shocked to see a link on your blog for.....Erin Condren planners!!!!! That's what I ordered!!!! I haven't received it yet. Glad to have found you!!! Did y'all finish the new room? Y'all were working on it the last time I visited.

  2. Your spice cabinet looks so nice! I need to do that! As always I enjoyed my visit! Have a super day!

  3. I see you like a variety of spices just as I do! I love an organized spice cabinet. Looks great!

  4. Your spice cupboard is great! It's wonderful that you were able to find those lazy susans, because sometimes they are just perfect.
    I keep my spices in jars in a drawer.

    Your kitchen looks very inviting!
    I love watching children draw, and as they mature, they share more and more insight in to their point of view.

  5. busy busy as usual..Love hearing the goings on in your the doggies, so have a lovely family and home..


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