Friday, September 1, 2017

A Little Rearranging Indoors (Plus Other Fun Photos!)

You may remember that our piano used to be in our dining room. It's been there for years. I didn't mind it there...but because it stuck out so far from the wall ~ I had to move the table over a bit....which meant it wasn't centered under the light and ceiling fan. It always drove me a bit crazy... I decided it was time for a change! The kiddos happily took a little break from their schoolwork to give me a hand! So we moved some book cases and things ~ and then moved the piano into the computer room (our old living room).

Yes, the walls in this room still need redone. They need holes mudded and sanded...and just some overall TLC. Then they need painted ~ as does the ceiling. It will happen one day, Lord willing.

 Here's a look at the corner that the piano used to be in (below). It really frees up the area and allows the dining table to be in the middle of the room!

Some other fun photos from around the house...

Mickey sleeping with his baby...

I am totally getting into the fall spirit....burning fall scented candles...

 I've done some decorating out-of-doors as well. I have some things on the front porch too! :) I just didn't photograph it!

A look in my planner at what I have been up to lately...

Thank you, everyone, for all the thoughtful comments you made about my new porch and rocking chairs! It is very exciting to see all these things happening around here. We do things on our own, without debt...which means slowly and when we have the extra money. Chris and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage this month. So, although that is a small amount of time in light of eternity....for me that is almost half of my lifetime! We still have siding to put up on the dormers and front of the house and more renovations that need completed. Each time we get something more matter how gives us such a sense of satisfaction and joy! :)

Don't worry though....we definitely know these are just earthly things. Our true joy comes from Christ. In light of projects mean nothing. But in caring for our home and renovating things that need it ~ (and doing so without debt) is being responsible for the things the Lord has given us. :) I just don't want anyone to think that my love for home and our renovations is too much of a love for the world and the things in it. The Lord just gave me a love for beauty, coziness, and warmth. I get joy out of homemaking (and homekeeping) ~ caring for my home and family! :)

I am helping my Mother-in-Love at a local Farmer's Market this afternoon! :) I hope you all have a lovely, joy-filled weekend!



  1. I always enjoy your posts. Enjoy the long weekend.

    What type of planner are you using - looks interesting.

    1. Thank you! :) The planner is a B6 notebook insert for Traveler's Notebooks. It's from sewmuchcrafting on etsy! :)

  2. Hi Katy, I have enjoyed your blog for years and am happy that some things are getting accomplished! (Happy belated birthday!) We moved into a house that's been "under construction" since the seller started it 10 years ago! He wasn't very good at construction unfortunately. So we've got a lot to do and will be doing it debt free as well.

  3. Love the new look!
    No worries about caring for your home. As
    you said, it's good stewardship, and makes
    life much more pleasant. :)

  4. Hello!
    I so enjoyed sharing pictures of your lovely, cozy home.
    And I know exactly what you mean about the table not being centered under the light!
    I am the same way!
    Everything looks lovely, and I am burning my pumpkin spice candle as I type. : )
    Have a cozy weekend!

  5. I feel the same way about our home! Yours always looks beautiful and well cared for. I started a new blog in this new season of life. I'd love for you to visit!

  6. I love how a little re-arranging adds freshness to our homes. I love how you moved your piano, and the bookcase and chair look great there. I'd want my table under the main light to! Your planner looks great to, a cheerful way to organize your days. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. Your home is so cozy and comfortable looking, I've enjoyed these photos ❤️

  8. It's always nice to do some re-arranging. Hope you had a nice extended week-end.


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