Saturday, August 12, 2017

My Heart is Full

My Xavier turns 14 today....yes, fourteen! I can hardly even bear to type that out! How has he grown so much, so quickly? The picture above was taken this morning and just doesn't do him justice. He's such handsome fella. The photo is a bit blurry (but when I used the flash it was just *too* bright).

He'll be getting a haircut later from his dad. Right now he is riding his four-wheeler (an older one that he saved up to buy). He has worked at my dad's garage most of the summer. He has learned a lot and will continue to learn over the years. I believe that is the profession he wants to go it is perfect for him to be learning a lot early! :)

We are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with Xavier. He adds so much to our family and we love him so much. I am sure he will enjoy today to the we are starting our homeschool year on Monday and I think out of all my children, X is the least excited! Ha! :) 

Below are some photos of our days as of late...

Above, Madelyn is feeding Porky...Pa's calf. And below is a picture of her in a shirt my aunt got her for her 16th birthday. I thought she looked absolutely adorable and took a picture!

Mickey...going for a ride with me...

As I mentioned before....we are starting our homeschool year on Monday ~ so organizing and planning have been happening around here!

 Although I am not wishing summer has been cooler lately so I couldn't help but burn some fall candles. Fall scents are my absolute favorite!

Canning peaches....

Cash (who has been tolerating Mickey now ~ yahoo! I wouldn't say they are *friends*...but there is no real fear of them attacking each other either! Whew!)...

My new back porch is about finished! I will share pictures soon! The only bad thing is that it makes the living room a lot darker. I figure it's just another reason to burn some candles! ;o)

We have definitely been keeping busy around here....I think I canned over 50+ quarts of green beans and have done some peaches as well. My corn *has* now started to grow....quite late though so I don't think I will get any edible corn from the plants. My pumpkins are growing beautifully that is exciting! :)

In addition to gardening/harvesting, I have been teaching spin, organizing/cleaning the house, cooking a lot (especially when family comes over to help work on the back porch), school planning, mowing and the like! Whoever called them "lazy days of summer" must have had servants to do all their work! haha! There is definitely no laziness around these parts! :o)

Thank you so much for visiting today!
I hope your weekend is absolutely lovely!


  1. Such a happy post, and beautiful family! Happy start of a new school year to you!

  2. Great post, loved seeing the pictures. We start homeschool on Tuesday and I think I may be the only one excited lol. :)

  3. I agree about the lazy days of summer. I find them to be packed full! Happy back to school!

  4. There are no lazy summer days here either. Happy birthday to your son. God bless.

  5. You have certainly been a busy lady. I appreciate all of the work that you do for your family. I remember those busy days of planning for school. I am currently trying to figure out a way to integrate school into my grands days.

  6. Ian also turns 14 in a few weeks. So far, I'm enjoying this new season of my kids' lives. It's definitely different than when they were younger! I have never understood the lazy days of summer thing either! My summer's are always busy. We don't really have a routine during the summer, but there is always work to be done. Perhaps that is because of the lifestyle we have chosen to live with gardening and animals and such. Have a great first day of school!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son! Time goes so quickly! Lovely shirt your daughter is wearing, it sure compliments her sweet smiling face!
    I am also preparing for homeschooling this fall...but we start the first week day after the birthday. Just a family tradition. We're all getting excited about starting a new year, and I love that they are looking forward to opening up some new books!
    I'm sure your pantry looks fantastic with the canned peaches. No, summer time isn't lazy time...or at least that's not been my experience either. :)
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. August 12 is my granddaughters birthday. She is 11 She went to Build A Bear for her birthday. I hope your son had a great birthday also


  9. August 12 is my granddaughters birthday, She had a fun birthday. I hope your son had a fun birthday as well


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