Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Rest is not idleness...

...and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time."

~John Lubbock

Rainy summer days are usually slower...

Candles make things more cheerful and cozy on those gray rainy days!

My raised beds are doing well....I planted some things much-too-close together but we'll see what happens!

Weeding for a just a few minutes each day helps keep up with it all. There is nothing worse than letting the weeds get overwhelming. Once they get that way, I feel like I can never get it back-to-good. For me, doing a little each day is the easiest way to keep it all tidy!

We've got zucchini growing, peas climbing, beets, radishes, pumpkins, lettuce and green beans all growing beautifully!

Previously I posted about re-mulching my walkway. I added some more mulch and also doubled the row (after asking my mom's thoughts on it! One row of stepping stones just didn't seem to be enough and my mom agreed. I like it better this way....

 Xavier and my nephew got a fire going Saturday evening...

The pictures I posted of the raised beds above were from a few days ago....this is from yesterday! Look how quickly it is growing!

Chris and our Brother-in-Love worked all afternoon into the evening Saturday on the roof of our back porch! It is coming along so well!!! I am *very* excited for it to be finished!!! The men are doing such a great job!

Hanging out at the fire with Jaxson...

Today we enjoyed worship at church with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We came home to have soup and sandwiches for lunch then I went up to snuggle into my sheets for a lovely afternoon nap. Chris and the children went to the pavilion to work on some things and relax. After I woke, I put on my backpack and walked down to the pavilion to join everyone...

Xavier loves to drive the tractor (he loves to drive *anything*!) and he needed to move it this afternoon. I was glad to have my camera on me to snap a few photos! I always love seeing my guys on the tractor!

Porky, the calf (yes, he's the one who kicked me in the butt ~ literally! I still love him)...

Some more tractoring... (yes...I just made a noun into a verb. I tend to do that a lot! Ha!)...

Porky with Lucy (Pa's dog)...

My boy is growing up! Doesn't he look so grown up here? He's almost 14!? How did this happen? Speaking of which...Madelyn turns 16 this week!!! Yes! 16!!! I know....I can hardly process it either! I'll post more on that later this week! :)

I just loved snapping a pic of the boys driving the tractor with the chickens out in the field too! ;)

I have some news about my sister...Yes...she had her baby! I'm not going to post about it until I have the "OK" from her though! I can't wait until I get to though! Children are *such* a blessing! :)

It's been a long day (while at the picnic at the pavilion, my sister-in-love and I went on a fast walk. It was nice but now I am ready to just relax with my family!). Thanks so much for taking a peek into my days! Have a great week ahead! I will post soon about Madelyn turning 16 and also on my sister's new baby!!! :)



  1. Congratulations for the new baby! Fresh babies are such a blessing in a family!
    We had a stormy rainy afternoon too and it was so delicious to take a nap while hearing the rain falling!
    Have a great monday!

  2. The garden looks nice even though the plants are close together. I am thrilled to have music back on your blog as it is such a pleasant and relaxing moment in my day.
    I love that your children are so involved in daily life and not sitting on a computer or phone all day. It will make them better adults.

  3. OH I wish we had people in our family who knew how to build a porch roof. Ours is falling. Your home is looking wonderful!

    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. Love the tractor pictures! Memories to be cherished. I also can't believe M is going to be 16. I started reading when she was in kindergarten and it doesn't seem that long ago! :)

  5. Thats how I managed my little garden this year as well...every time I happened to walk by, if I saw a weed that annoyed my vision I would pluck it:)


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