Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Nephew is Here!

My sister and her husband, after 3 beautiful little girls, have now been blessed with a son! I guessed during her pregnancy that it was a boy and was excited to find out I was right (for I was quite wrong with my guesses with her other pregnancies!). He is just perfect and I love him to pieces already. I got to hold him in the hospital ~ which was wonderful ~ but since they got home their middle daughter, Dinah, got a stomach bug. So Devon and the baby have basically been quarantined into her bedroom to keep them from getting sick while Cory has taken care of the girls. It was such a blessing that he could take time off from work!

Anyway ~ you may be wondering my newest nephew's name! It is Dusten Matthew! (Dusten is Devon and my dad's name! He loved hearing he has a namesake!) Little Dusty was over 8 pounds at birth and to this auntie ~ is absolutely perfect! We praise the Lord for this newest life He has made and look forward to watching him grow!

As soon as sickness has exited their household ~ we are all anxious to go visit! First, we always love visiting with Eloise, Dinah and Audra. But now we get to hold sweet baby Dusty too!!! Yay! I can hardly believe he is here and yet now that he is, couldn't imagine him *not* being here!!!

I've gotta run! Today is a BUSY day! I teach spin class this morning and then Madelyn's 16th birthday party is tonight! We have lots to do to prepare so I gotta go, go, go!!! I just wanted to share with you this special blessing!



  1. I've been waiting to hear! Congratulations to the whole family!

  2. So cute and sweet! Congratulations to the whole family. I will be interested to see if he looks as much like his sisters as they do each other. What a precious family.


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