Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th of July Fun ~ 2017

We had a beautiful 4th of July! The weather was perfect (sunny, warm and breezy) and it was an all-around enjoyable day for our family! 

Chris's side of the family always takes their horse and buggies through the local parade each year...

Jaxson rode my mom's horse, Annie, through the parade between the buggies (with Chris walking alongside)...

It has been a beautiful thing...each year, watching how the families growing...children, grandchildren and more being added and riding through! :)

My sister, who is due TODAY with her 4th child (but so far, no baby), her husband and their girls came to town to watch the parade! The girls were super cute...I am so bummed that I didn't get any pictures of them! I'm sure my sister did though!

After the parade, we headed to Pa's pavilion for a lunch picnic. I made deviled eggs to take. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures there. Sometimes I just forget to take photos!

I went home after eating to try and take a quick respite before our evening adventures. I *did* lay down but never did fall asleep. After an hour, I had to get up and I made more deviled eggs to take to our annual church picnic that is held at our pastor's house. It is my *favorite* picnic of the year! It is just so much fun! Every year, I have kinda been the official picture-taker there. I took over 55 pics this year! Below are just a few....First is me and my love (the *only* picture of me at the picnic! That is the only bad thing....since I am taking the photos....there are no visual memories that I was even there!)...

Here's a distant picture of the picnic. We stayed from 5pm until 10pm! We eat, fellowship, play games (there are always games of kickball, capture the flag and football being played)...

...train rides for the littles...

...and fireworks!

I gotta run. I already "ran" today for exercise and worked in the garden....and now I need to get ready to go to a book and Bible study I am participating in. And at some point, I am going to get the call (either today or some day soon) that my sister is in labor! I can't wait!!! :)

I hope you had a lovely time of celebration with your loved ones! Thanks for peeking at mine!



  1. I always enjoy the pictures of your 4th. It looks to be a perfect way to celebrate the day. I'm sure you are ready for that call. I love being an aunt!

  2. Lovely pictures !! it looked like fabulous fun and fellowship. Happy 4th of July :)

  3. Happy 4th of july! We can't wait our 14th of july! How's your sister?


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