Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Beauty

Flowers are blooming and it gives me great joy to see them everywhere! How I praise God at His beautiful creation! What a gift He has given us in the beauty of nature!

I still just *love* the log planter Chris made me for Mother's Day years ago! :)

One evening, Madelyn and I decided to extend the rock walls and then mulch inside! I love how it turned out!

I am not fond of the front room of our I have posted about I try to pretty the front up as much as I can!

The opposite side of the front of the garage doesn't get as great of sunlight as the left side so the flowers are taking a while to take off there.  There are perennials planted there one year, they will fill in nicely too! :)

I spend time each day down at the big garden too. We have green beans and corn planted here (the first corn seeds we planted didn't take we had to plant different seeds ~ they are going to be ready quite late this year! That's okay though! We'll take sweet corn whenever it comes!)...

A lot of hoeing and weeding needs done to keep up with it all...

I love seeing some the the farm vehicles parked out in the field! :)

I want to get a 2 mile fast walk in real I gotta run (or walk....haha!).
Have a great evening! Thank you for visiting!



  1. I love your log planter too! You have such a pretty place!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog (thanks to one of my friends!)...You have a lovely garden (and I think you have a lovely front porch!). It's so different from our home here in France!
    ♥ Christel

  3. What a beautiful yard. I would love to have mine look so nice.


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